Photography by Ian L. Sitren


Three Of One Doug Brignole!

Three Of One Doug Brignole!

Three of Doug Brignole in one photo. And it makes perfect sense!

First there is Doug Brignole the bodybuilding competitor having just returned from bering on stage at the 2014 NABBA World Championships in Belfast, Ireland. It was the Nabba Mr. Universe that launched a guy named Arnold. How cool is that!

Then there is Doug Brignole, a recognized expert in the field of exercise physiology, author of endless columns and features in bodybuilding and fitness magazines. The author of the published book “Million Dollar Mu$cle” along with Adrian James Tan. And as well, Doug is an amazing historian of the world of bodybuilding.

And third, there is Doug Brignole the personal trainer who has brought along people to heights of health and fitness they never would have guessed they could have achieved.

So three of Doug Brignole in just one of our photos from our shoot… Perfect!

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