Photography by Ian L. Sitren

I Love Selfies! Jumping Off The Roof Like Superman…

I Love Selfies! And Eddie Medeiros did one that I think came out really cool. Working out, he set up his cellphone on timer and it is really fun! Eddie took to muscle building like many of us kids, regardless of what age or decade. Just like me many years before, he watched Superman and then tied a towel around his neck and jumped off things. I used to jump off the roof of our house! Then at 13 Eddie picked up weights and it has become his passion and his life. Reading and watching everything he could find. Coupled with his interest in art, Eddie has a different look on bodybuilding and it’s esthetics. But to best quote Eddie today, “Each Person is Different but we all have our Special Gifts and Talents to offer to help others to be what we are Meant to be in this Life!”. Be sure to visit Eddie on his Facebook page and see where he is going next!

I invite you to send me your selfies and I will show you off on my Blog and all of my Social Media as well as my Facebook pages. You will be seen by so very many! Girls and guys, whatever you want to send. In the gym, showing off the hard work you have put in, at the pool, or just having fun. You don’t have to have ever done a photo shoot with me or even met me in person. It will also be a great way for me to see you and talk about photo shoots. Let’s do this, it’s all fun!

You must send me the selfie to my e-mail at or as a message on Facebook. I will say that I might have to pick and choose to make it manageable and hold some or change when I decide to post them for one reason or another. Thanks!


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