Photography by Ian L. Sitren

Photo Lesson With Jennifer Henry

Thank you for all the kind comments about my photographs with Jennifer Henry. I have been getting a lot of questions about how we did this shoot so I thought I would show you. It was actually very simple.

First starting with a gorgeous woman is a big step ahead! Thank You Jennifer! Originally my plan was to do this shoot on my outdoor studio set but the humidity was unusually high so it would have been really uncomfortable. So we set up inside, hey I have 8 tons of air conditioning so why not!

Lighting as you see, strobes by Profoto USA. I believe in high quality lighting systems putting out really great light. There are only a few brands of lighting equipment I would consider. The light coming in from the sliding glass doors on the right is irrelevant because it is over powered by the strobes. And then as you can see I have a lot of room and can even create much more inside if needed.

The details that make the photographs work are good exposure, sharp focus, good posing. A big point that people miss all the time is skin tone. Go through photographs from so many and you see skin that is orange in color. Yes sometime the tanning products does throw it off but it is really bad for the photographer to not adjusting the “white balance” in post processing to get real life skin tones. There are times when artistic expression might change that. But basically if you get orange skin you have photographs that are not acceptable. It is not real and contributes to a blurry look.

Another point to remember is that photographs are easy to make look good for Facebook or Instagram because they are so small. Take them up to full size and high resolution for something like a magazine and often times they fail. Blurry and no detail in fabrics, white or dark spaces that look like they were painted on also with no detail. Those are also not acceptable.

So there you have my photo lesson for the day. Just wanted to answer a few questions. And Thank You!

Jennifer Henry

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