Photography by Ian L. Sitren

Maybe You Can Afford To Work For Nothing

“Maybe You Can Afford To Work For Nothing” Funny how that resonates today! This is from a movie depicting the Old West, “The Fargo Kid’ from 1940. So many of you are going to identify with this: photographers, writers, models working booths at trade shows, being photographed and working with companies making multi multi million dollar sales figures and giving you little or nothing. Those of you who have worked with me can stand by the fact that I have continually pushed for more for you from companies big and small. I have personally declined paying projects for me as the photographer when the models were not being paid. Often I am paid as the photographer by models as well, however it is only when I am giving you personally that which is of value to you for whatever reason. I will continue to make sure that for any photography I do, it is equitable whenever I possibly can. Watch the very short clip below, it is very well said and Thank You!


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