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$75 For You, Millions For Me, But We Appreciate You!

‘We pay $75 per day for you to work in our booth at the Olympia.’ ‘We pay $20 per photograph that we use and we give you photo credit.’ ‘We don’t pay for articles but you will get a lot of exposure.’

How many of you have heard things like this from supplement companies and others? Now let me give you a real life example about how much money these companies are making when they tell you about their woeful budgets and hardship tales about paying you…

“During the period from October 2008 through October 2013, the conspirators collected at least $400,000,000 in revenue…”

“Transferred over $230,000,000… proceeds from USP Labs business account at Chase to the USP Charles Schwab accounts”

“… transferred over $154,000,000 to at least 21 other financial accounts maintained at Charles Schwab, Chase Bank, TD Ameritrade Bank, TD Bank, and Bank of America”

These are quotes directly from a Federal criminal indictment filed on November 4th against USP Labs and S.K. Labs and their principals. You saw their products at the shows and in all of the magazines like “Jack3d”and “OxyElite Pro”. The charges involve fake ingredients, frauds, deceptions etc. Importantly however, the indictment does give you an idea about how much money is involved with supplement companies and such.

Now I will say that there are good companies out there. Their products are good, real and they treat people well. But they are seemingly few and far between.

So remember that when you are standing mostly naked in a booth at the Olympia, feet hurting in those high heels that the money you should be making you have given to the owner of the company to go have dinner each night at some high end restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip.

Or when you spend thousands and thousands of dollars on your photo equipment, you are paying the interest on your credit cards so the money you should have been paid is being transferred, when the company owner drives over in his Mercedes SLS Coupe, to the bank to transfer a few million dollars to his other accounts.

The full indictment can be found here at United States of America v. USP Labs et al.

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Free Exposure – Yeah Right

More following my prior posts about working for free etc. This is an e-mail exchange from yesterday. Another company trying to get free work by offering free exposure. Free exposure at best is worthless but from a start up company that has no exposure, free exposure is worth even less. Obviously the person just does not get it. And sadly they will sucker some people in who are just hoping to find some way of getting ahead and trying to be hopeful about it. I have left out the person’s name and the name of the company so as to not embarrass them, at least for the moment. Please read all of it. Enjoy the exchange and if I can answer any questions just let me know at


Maybe You Can Afford To Work For Nothing

“Maybe You Can Afford To Work For Nothing” Funny how that resonates today! This is from a movie depicting the Old West, “The Fargo Kid’ from 1940. So many of you are going to identify with this: photographers, writers, models working booths at trade shows, being photographed and working with companies making multi multi million dollar sales figures and giving you little or nothing. Those of you who have worked with me can stand by the fact that I have continually pushed for more for you from companies big and small. I have personally declined paying projects for me as the photographer when the models were not being paid. Often I am paid as the photographer by models as well, however it is only when I am giving you personally that which is of value to you for whatever reason. I will continue to make sure that for any photography I do, it is equitable whenever I possibly can. Watch the very short clip below, it is very well said and Thank You!