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Featured Reno Air Races Story

Great fun! My photographs and story about our trip racing at the Reno Air Races with the Palm Springs Air Museum

A big feature about our trip to the Reno Air Races racing “Bunny” our P-51 Mustang, just a few weeks ago. In the October issue of our Palm Springs Air Museum Member Newsletter “The Beacon”. Always good stories and history in “The Beacon” and upcoming events. So if you are not a Member yet, please join us and you can get your copy every month in the mail too! Thanks!

October BEACON Center Spread Proof sm

Palm Springs To Chino Via SNJ

After ten days at the Reno Championship Air Races, I had flown back in the Palm Springs Air Museum P-51 Mustang “Bunny” with pilot Tom Nightingale. Then we flew in his North American SNJ trainer from Palm Springs to Chino where my car was parked in his hangar. Then a drive home for me back to Palm Springs. What great fun!

A Reno Air Race Thank You!

A full page Thank You in the Desert Sun newspaper today to all of our Palm Springs Air Museum Sponsors who made our “Red Tails Race Team” so very successful at the National Championship Air Races Reno 2017! Also a Thank You to the many of you who so graciously donated but wished to remain anonymous. Every one of you made it possible for all of us to participate and to honor the heroic and brave Tuskegee Airmen at this prestigious event! Thank You! Thank You!


You Have A Race!

This is how the Race starts! The planes join up and fly to the course. As you are watching, you will see the T-33 pace plane climb away and it is on! Six P-51 Mustangs including our Palm Springs Air Museum “Bunny” dive for the first pylons! The Silver Race of the Unlimited Class this past Sunday at the National Championship Air Races in Reno! This was shot on my GoPro mounted along the canopy rail. You can also watch this in HD on my Vimeo Channel at

We had a great successful ten days at Reno and we were honored to have the entire event join us in celebrating the brave Tuskegee Airmen heroes of World War II! You can join us in that too, through this one last weekend and be a part of our “Red Tails Race Team”! You can even get our actual Team T-Shirt and the Official Poster and more. Please check it out and we Thank You so very much for your help…


10 Days At The Reno Air Races

Flew back Monday in the Palm Springs Air Museum P-51 Mustang “Bunny” from the National Championship Air Races 2017 in Reno. I did 10 days as part of the crew racing “Bunny” and shooting photos and video. Worked hard long hours and every moment was incredible fun. I did keep my Facebook page and the Facebook page for the Air Museum current but neglected my own Blog here and my Instagram. So I will now being going back and posting some of the fun. And there is plenty of it for sure! Thanks!


Bunny Fly-By

How about a “Bunny” fly-by to get things going! Now come along with us and JOIN OUR TEAM at the Palm Springs Air Museum!

The “Red Tails Race Team” sending “Bunny” our P-51 Mustang to the prestigious National Championship Air Races Reno, September 13th – 17th! “Bunny” will be joined by and honoring the famed Tuskegee Airmen “Red Tails” of World War II. And you can be a part of it!

Lots of cool stuff coming your way for helping us and it’s great fun! You can even get our actual Team T-Shirt and the Official Poster and more. Please check it out and you truly have our biggest Thanks! Right here at…

And a Big Thank You to BUZZBOX Premium Cocktails for being our Team Partner!

“Bunny” The Poster

So very fun to have my photograph of “Bunny” the P-51 Mustang on the official poster for the “Red Tails Race Team” going to the prestigious National Championship Air Races in Reno next week!

We are all very excited to have BUZZBOX Premium Cocktails as our title sponsor. They are truly a great partner and will actually be with us in the Race Pit itself with the Team and the Palm Springs Air Museum. We also will be very honored to have with us famed Tuskegee Airmen Lt. Col. BobFriend. The Colonel and other Tuskegee Airmen will be signing the poster for the fans at the Race.

You can join the “Red Tails Race Team” too and share the fun. Help us make it all happen and get yourself a signed poster or even an actual Team Crew T-Shirt. I would personally be appreciative for your help! Check it out and Thanks…

I also want to Thank the Jones Agency for creating a truly remarkable poster!

PSAM Reno Poster