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Flight Of Three

Truly I had a pretty good spot to shoot from…

Inspired by the Blue Angels at NAF El Centro, we decided to do our own formation flying on the way back to the Palm Springs Air Museum. Over the Salton Sea.

Love The Smiles

I truly enjoy seeing our flight guests coming back from their adventures flying in vintage warbirds. Brings a smile to my face as big as their smiles! Among my duties as photographer and social media manager at the Palm Springs Air Museum.

Mustang Ride

A little of the excitement of what it is like flying in the iconic World War II fighter airplane, the P-51 Mustang. This one is “Bunny” for the Palm Springs Air Museum. More great video with a GoPro.

You Can Fly!

I sure get my chance for adventures with the Palm Springs Air Museum. And so many of you have asked me and now…

EXCITING NEWS! You can now fly in our P-51 Mustang “Bunny’! WOW! Jump on in and go for the historic flight of a lifetime. Listen to that famous Merlin engine roar as you climb into the sky in one of the most iconic aircraft of military aviation history. And our P-51 is even more special and historic, dedicated to the famed Tuskegee Airmen of World War II, “Bunny” even flew in the prestigious Reno Air Races this year!

We know so many of you have been waiting for this news. Flights will be starting mid next week, December 27th. The cost is $1895.00 for one of the greatest experiences ever, “The P-51 Experience”! Please call for more information and to make your reservation, here at the Palm Springs Air Museum at 760-778-6262. You will love it! Thanks!

For A 102 Year Old Veteran

Yes it is great fun to be flying with the Palm Springs Air Museum as the photographer and doing the social media. But getting to share doing something for all the right reasons is really special. A flyover for the 102nd birthday of a World War II Veteran and POW. More info below…

On the way to do a flyby to celebrate the 102nd birthday of Veteran Mike Kovich in Desert Hot Springs last Saturday. Mike was a top gunner in a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber in World War II. On the very first mission to bomb Berlin his plane was shot down and he was captured. He spent 13 months as a POW. Very exciting for us to be able to fly on by with our P-51 Mustang “Bunny” and our T-28 Trojan! Thank You to VFW Post 1534 for sharing Mike’s birthday with us! Visit with Mike in his interview with KESQ News here at Thanks!

The “Bunny” View

“Bunny” is the World War II P-51 Mustang fighter. Here dedicated to the famed Tuskegee Airmen and specifically to a true American Hero, Lt. Col. Bob Friend. I had the opportunity on Veterans Day to fly in the World War II B-25 Mitchell bomber “Executive Sweet” with “Bunny” for a commemorative flyby over the Glamis Sand Dunes just South of the Salton Sea. This video over the sand dunes as we flew back to the Palm Springs Air Museum. So very fun! And you can fly too…

Next weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 17th – 19th, you can fly in this B-25 bomber! You will get to check it out in the air from the tail to the gun positions and gun turret and right to where I was in the nose. How cool is that! A better flight for $425 does not exist! Out of the Palm Springs Air Museum, call 805-377-2106 for info and to reserve your flight! You will Thank me many times over!

Remember Those Airplane Models

Remember when you were a kid like me building those plastic model airplanes. Now we are old enough to fly in the real ones or at least see them close up. The Palm Springs Air Museum is where you will find me and get the chance to fly too, for tomorrow Veterans Day. Check it out…

Your flight is warming up! Get on board for a flight, Saturday Veterans Day, in this World War II B-25 Mitchell Bomber! Once you are in the air you will get to check out everything from the bombardier seat in the nose to the gun turret and even looking over the pilot’s shoulder. Sure beats sitting in some economy seat on your least favorite airline with a better spent only $425 to kept it fueled and mission ready! Call 805-377-2106 (please leave a message and you will be called right back). You can also fly on Sunday and next weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What a great opportunity!

For Veterans Day right here at the Air Museum, flight demonstrations going on all day. You will see our P-51 Mustang ‘Bunny” in the air along with our C-47 “What’s Up Doc”? and our T-28 Trojan. There will be a special appearance by a flight of six T-34 trainers too. You can also fly in a World War II Stearman Biplane trainer for only $175!

Not to be missed! With us will be a very very special guest… Tuskegee Airmen Lt. Col. Bob Friend. A wonderful opportunity to meet and shake the hand of this true American Hero.


Also we are dedicating our newly finished Grumman F9F Panther which was the Navy’s first successful carrier based jet fighter. For that honor we will have with us another very special guest, a man who has been called “The Forgotten Hero”, Capt E. Royce Williams! On November 18th, 1952, then Lt. Williams in a carrier based engagement of the Korean War shot down four MiG-15s. Forty years later it was revealed that all four were flown by Soviet pilots.

There will be food and birthday cake celebrating the Museum’s 21st Anniversary. So much fun going on! You can reserve your flights on the Stearman Bi Plane trainer by calling us at 760-778-6262 and for the B-25 at 805-377-2106.

Yes you can just come on in and get your flight on either the B-25 and/or Stearman. However there might be a wait for the next available seat. There are only so many seats per flight. So again try to make your phone reservations but come on in no matter what! You will be happy you did! Thanks!