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The Tread Mark On My Hat

Pilot Tom Nightingale almost left a tire tread mark on my hat as he did a low flyover at the Palm Springs Air Museum yesterday. What a great airplane too, wow! A 1943 North American SNJ-4 Texan Navy trainer. Also designated the T-6 Texan it is an airplane often seen in movies portraying the Japanese Zero. Get yourself out to the Palm Springs Air Museum, one of the best in the entire USA!

Texan Flyover


Are You Ready To Climb In?

Are You Ready To Climb In?

Are you ready to climb in? A United States Navy SNJ-5 training aircraft which first flew under the designation NA-16 in April 1st in 1935. Later it became more known as the AT-6 Texan. Interestingly 20 of the AT-6 Texans were flown by the Syrian Air Force against Israel in 1948. This Navy version yesterday at the Palm Springs Air Museum.