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Back From The Reno Air Races

Back from the Reno Air Races Monday morning September 17th, flying back with Tom Nightingale in the Palm Springs Air Museum P-51 Mustang to Palm Springs. Then jumped in this superb T-6 with Tom to make the flight back to Chino Airport to pick up our cars.

From Windy Point to Chino Tom put the airplane on “auto pilot”… translated that means he let me fly. Very Cool! Thanks Tom and Thanks Mark Moodie (it is Mark’s airplane).



B-25 Over Palm Springs

The World War II B-25 bomber, Pacific Princess arriving and flying over Palm Springs for the Palm Springs Air Museum. In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the famed Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, the Pacific Princess will fly again today Saturday April 1st and also on Sunday April 2 at 8:48 AM to mark the time that the B-25 bombers onboard the carrier USS Hornet left San Francisco on their mission in 1942. My pleasure here to photograph and fly yesterday on another historic aircraft.

Also at the Palm Springs Air Museum on Saturday at 1:00 PM, “Hell’s Angels: True Story of the 303rd Bomb Group during World War II”. Pacific Princess will fly following the program.

“At the outbreak of World War Two, the United States was in no way prepared to wage war. Although the US declared war against Germany in December of 1941, the country lacked the manpower, the equipment, and the experience it needed to fight. Even had an invasion force been ready, a successful assault on Nazi-occupied Europe could not happen until Germany’s industrial and military might were crippled. Because no invasion could happen without air superiority, the first target was the Luftwaffe – the most powerful and battle-hardened air force in the world. To this end, the United States Army Air Forces joined with Great Britain’s already-engaged Royal Air Force to launch a strategic air campaign that ultimately brought the Luftwaffe to its knees. One of the standout units of this campaign was the legendary 303rd Bomb Group – “Hell’s Angels”. Presented by Jay Stout”

Last but not least, on Saturday morning between 10:30 – 12:30 you can take the seat in the cockpit of an AT-6 Texan, single-engined advanced trainer aircraft used to train pilots of the United States Army Air Force. You can have your photo taken too! All fun!

The Pacific Princess has an interesting motion picture career history. She was used in the classic film “Catch 22” and also “1941”. For the movie “Pearl Harbor” she took off from the deck of both the USS Lexington and the USS Constellation. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II she was flown off the carrier USS Carl Vinson.

B-25 In Palm Springs

B-25 In Palm Springs

B-25 In Palm Springs

B-25 In Palm Springs

B-25 In Palm Springs

B-25 In Palm Springs


Are You Ready To Climb In?

Are You Ready To Climb In?

Are you ready to climb in? A United States Navy SNJ-5 training aircraft which first flew under the designation NA-16 in April 1st in 1935. Later it became more known as the AT-6 Texan. Interestingly 20 of the AT-6 Texans were flown by the Syrian Air Force against Israel in 1948. This Navy version yesterday at the Palm Springs Air Museum.