Photography by Ian L. Sitren

Saw Randalene In A Coupe de Ville!

Oh wait! That was Maybellene when Chuck Berry was singing about her. Randalene Sergent would look good in a Coupe de Ville! I am thinking if he had seen her, that very first rock and roll song would have been “Randalene”. Actually Randalene looks good everywhere and especially in front of my cameras. And she will be in front of my cameras again on July 4th weekend. You can too!

I will be shooting at the big Muscle Beach show on July 4th. However even if you are not doing the show, you can shoot with me at the beach in Venice or Marina Del Rey on Friday July 3rd or Sunday July 5th. I will be working with a few people each day to keep it as inexpensive as I can for you. I would love to shoot with as many of you as possible but there is only so much time. So please sign up as soon as you can, it is right around the corner. For more details and sign up click here and Thanks!

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