Photography by Ian L. Sitren

Hasselblad Reality

When I announced that I had added a Hasselblad digital medium format camera system to my equipment, it generated a lot of interest. I received lots of messages and have been asked about it personally from photographers, models and people generally.

My decision to go Hasselblad, after trying out pretty much every high end camera system, came back to this one photo I shot of bodybuilder Travis Elywhen I first tried it out on a real photo shoot. Click on it to really get a look. The completely real colors, skin tone and definition were exactly what I wanted. It is more than a photograph, seemingly a duplicate of reality.

There are other reasons I chose Hasselblad. It is a legendary manufacturer of cameras made famous when chosen by NASA in 1962 to be the cameras to go into outer space. And of course used by so many famous photographers in the past and today. So who is next in front of my Hasselblad?

2 responses

  1. Nice work (as usual) Ian! But how is the Hassy different from the PhaseOne, Pentax 645Z, etc..? (The ones using the same chip)

    June 23, 2015 at 6:38 pm

    • Thank You! Much more to the camera than the “chip” sensor. I have shot with all of them except for the Pentax which I did look at and consider. I certainly could have shot it as well but for other reasons made my decision as to Hasselblad.

      As to the Hasselblad, image quality straight out of the camera and opened in their own software “Phocus” is I’m my opinion extraordinary. I can come straight our of Phocus and never stop to use PhotoShop.

      The “TruFocus” feature of the Hasselblad is indeed superb. Battery life is substantial. Build quality is superb. The lens selection is complete and as has been said by others in the know, to me, every one of them is just exceptional.

      I like the ergonomics of the Hasselblad as well as the biggest and brightest viewfinder of any of them as it seems to me anyway.

      I have other reasons and no doubt in using any of the others someone would create great photographs. But I am truly happy with my selection of Hasselblad.

      June 23, 2015 at 7:04 pm

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