Photography by Ian L. Sitren

This Is Muscle Beach!

This one photograph I shot at the July 4th competition to me speaks volumes about what Muscle Beach is all about. United States Marine Corp Gunny Sergent Jaren Wright looking good and having fun on stage. Obviously he has worked hard building his physique and I am sure he will keep it going. And he certainly deserved the two trophies he took home. But even more, Jaren will always remember when he stood on stage at the real Muscle Beach at the only real Muscle Beach competitions!

And as a photographer, again I am so very impressed with shooting with a Hasselblad camera. Bodybuilding and fitness photography has it’s own very unique needs to get right when taking photographs. Definition, color rendition and skin tones are what separates really great bodybuilding photographs from all the others. Just look around at other bodybuilders photos you will see orange skin, blurry looks and unrealistic color. Stop and compare to what you see here. When you do that, you see the difference. As I say, Hasselblad does not just shoot photographs, it duplicates reality, and maybe makes it even better!

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