Photography by Ian L. Sitren

Actually Simple

Behind the scenes with a stunning model, Kajira. Much of the time my setups are pretty simple. Although I usually have an assistant on hand for at least setup and tear down, most everything else is pretty much easy for me to do by myself if needed.

My surroundings obviously are very comfortable and roomy. I can reverse this room and have even higher ceilings. I also have tilt up sets that can create entire rooms outdoors in complete privacy. A very beautiful pool and spa with stamped concrete patios and decks recently all redone just before Summer. New landscaping going in now that will allow for garden and tree scenery. Plenty of room on hand for full makeup and hair styling as well and wardrobe changing.

I do depend on the best equipment to make sure I have not only great results but also no failures or problems. From heavy duty Matthews stands to Broncolor lighting and a Hasselblad digital camera system. I make no excuses for wanting to make sure that each photo shoot works every time. Only the best!


Kajira Behind The Scenes In Our Photo Shoot

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