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Two In The Gym

Photo shoot with a Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Thank You!

At Cruz 2 Fitness personal training gym here in Palm Springs with Naomi (and Naomi). Best personal training ever!

Naomi Molina In The Gym

It Is Intriguing

What is there at Bombay Beach at the Salton Sea? It is intriguing…

Xtine At Bombay Beach

Model Xtine. Hasselblad digital camera system. Broncolor lighting.

A First Time For Xtine

Bombay Beach at the Salton Sea with model Xtine. Her first time around the Salton Sea, my assistant’s first time around the Salton Sea. Photographed with a Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Only the best!

Xtine At Bombay Beach

Actually a partially overcast day so we had sun and then no sun. To my left 45 degrees to the model was my assistant holding a Broncolor white Beauty Dish, only one light powered by a Broncolor 1200L Move pack. He carried that in it’s shoulder case. Winds at Bombay Beach can be very significant, so that was a factor in my light modifier decision and to not try using a stand. By the way, Xtine the model here, is 6ft-1 in her bare feet.


BTS, that means Behind The Scenes. I thought you might want to see what goes on in a few  snapshot photos. The photo shoot with a worked out and wonderful personal trainer, Joanna Johnson. The location is World Gym in Palm Desert California. The tall blonde, also very worked out, is my long time Makeup and Hair Stylist Natalie Lyle. She is as well, a marvel with posing and wardrobe.

The camera is Hasselblad digital. My lighting is Broncolor with the Para 133 reflector with the Move 1200L pack. Even the light stand is important, it is a Matthews roller stand. Can’t have things breaking and falling over, despite carrying a multi-million dollar insurance policy.  I make it an important point to use only the best gear. I want everything to work right and the best every time. Thanks!

By the way, these photos were shot by my very able assistant Clyde Sawyer. The guy who make sure that it all goes right from loading the car to setting it up to taking it down. Gets it all done!

Joanna Johnson

Joanna Johnson

Joanna Johnson

Joanna Johnson

Joanna Johnson

Joanna Johnson

Joanna Johnson

Joanna Johnson

Joanna Johnson

Joanna Johnson

Gym Motivator!

That is what you call Joanna Johnson, a Gym Motivator! And not just my words, others around World Gym in Palm Desert yesterday, men and women, walked up and congratulated her on the way she has worked so hard to build her body. Joanna drives the goals and admiration of others to be a better self. Go visit her, Joanna is a trainer there and she can be your Gym Motivator too!

This photograph was just a quick example I picked out from our photo shoot because it is so fun. Joanna’s first professional photo shoot, she warmed up and gave me some of her own posing. Good job!

Photo shoot notes… Makeup and Hair Styling by another gym motivator herself, Natalie Lyle. Hasselblad digital camera system. Lighting by Broncolor with the Broncolor Para 133 reflector and Move 1200L pack. Only the best!

Joanna Johnson



Dance In Motion

Motion captured in a photograph with professional ballet, dance model Viktoria VikTory Hofstaedter. One movement that becomes a story all by itself.

Photo shoot notes… The beautiful makeup and hair styling by Natalie Lyle. Hasselblad digital camera system. Lighting by Broncolor with the Move 1200L Pack and Para 133 reflector. Only the best.


Actually Simple

Behind the scenes with a stunning model, Kajira. Much of the time my setups are pretty simple. Although I usually have an assistant on hand for at least setup and tear down, most everything else is pretty much easy for me to do by myself if needed.

My surroundings obviously are very comfortable and roomy. I can reverse this room and have even higher ceilings. I also have tilt up sets that can create entire rooms outdoors in complete privacy. A very beautiful pool and spa with stamped concrete patios and decks recently all redone just before Summer. New landscaping going in now that will allow for garden and tree scenery. Plenty of room on hand for full makeup and hair styling as well and wardrobe changing.

I do depend on the best equipment to make sure I have not only great results but also no failures or problems. From heavy duty Matthews stands to Broncolor lighting and a Hasselblad digital camera system. I make no excuses for wanting to make sure that each photo shoot works every time. Only the best!


Kajira Behind The Scenes In Our Photo Shoot

Movement Ballet

Wonderful to see, hard to describe. A photograph that shows the movement from start to finish. The wonderful professional Ballet Model Viktoria.

Photo shoot notes… Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle. Hasselblad digital camera system. Broncolor lighting with the Move 1200L pack and Para 133 reflector. Only the best!


Looking At You

Model Amber Flowers looking back at you in our photo shoot. Shoot notes… Hasselblad camera system. Broncolor Para 133 reflector on one strobe head with a Broncolor Move 1200L pack. All so very exceptional! Thanks!

Amber Flowers


Legs, Shoes, And Envy

I love the photographs we did for Shoeenvy, so very fun! A few have been used so far and there are many more yet. These are the photographs used on the App. What does the App do? “We make shoe shopping convenient and even more fun.” And my favorite quote… “Shoeenvy – because finding the right pair of shoes should be easier than finding the right guy.” By the way, the parent company Envy creates “The Data Platform For The Fashion Industry”. Very cool and my photographs are on their website as well.

By the way, the photographs were shot on digital Hasselblad and the Move 1200L lighting system by broncolor. Nothing but the best producing the best possible details, accurate colors and skin tones.

I Am Down With Shoeenvy!

Getting down at shoe level for a shoe fashion photo shoot for Shoeenvy. I love the Shoeenvy statement on their Instagram page, “Because finding the right pair of shoes should be easier than finding the right guy.” Too fun! You have to check them out and download their App. You will be seeing some sexy and fun shoe fashion with some sexy legs in those shoes.

Yes this is me crawling around on the floor of an artist’s studio in Los Angeles, for the last of three parts of our photo shoot. The first of the day was around a pool in a garden setting. The second was in an upstairs crowded fun art deco looking apartment in the Melrose area.

Shooting Hasselblad and Broncolor was a huge advantage for a number of reasons. I was using the Broncolor Move 1200L lighting system which gave me a lot of portable power that could be moved around and the strobe actually being held by one person easily because it is so small and light. In the garden and by the pool it made it easy to move around quickly without being encumbered by power cables. In the other settings just one light stand made it simple and convenient.

The Hasselblad medium format digital camera was ideal for this shoot because I wanted to see the detail in the shoes. You see a lot of photos out there that are supposed to be fashion, but when you really look, you do not see any of the fabrics, stitching and so much that goes into it’s creation. Hasselblad and Hasselblad lenses gives you that detail. Adding in the color accuracy, real life skin tones, and exposure latitude combined with the very consistent Broncolor lighting and you have the right tools for a no compromise photo shoot. And I always want to give my clients and models and everyone involved a no compromise photo shoot on my part, no matter anything else.

So Thank You to everyone involved on this photo shoot! It was a lot of fun and the results are superb. And now go check out Shoeenvy and download their App. This is going to be the fun way you buy shoes! And there will be more real soon! But probably not a convenient way to get the right guy. Thanks!