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Flight Ops

A very busy day at the Palm Springs Air Museum on Memorial Day 2017. Lots of historic aircraft for flight demonstrations and the very important “Flower Drop” to honor the true meaning of Memorial Day. How much fun did I have! It’s good to be the Air Museum photographer!

Fastest Ever!

“One of the fastest production single piston-engined aircraft ever built.” – Wikipedia

The Hawker Sea Fury doing a fly by for flight demonstrations at the Palm Springs Air Museum yesterday. I do get a comparative idea of how fast an airplane is going when I am tracking it with my camera. This was going REALLY FAST!

These planes entered service in 1947 and flew in the Korean War and the Bay Of Pigs Invasion of Cuba in 1961. There were only 864 built. Top speed is 460mph and has a range of 700 miles. It was armed with 20mm cannons and could carry bombs or rockets. The pilot told me yesterday that he flew in at approximately 15,000 feet and a speed of 295 knots (340mph) for pretty much his entire flight from Ione California.

Hawkeye Sea Fury

MiG Trainer Starting Up

MIG L-29 Flug – Warsaw Pack Soviet era trainer starting up to head out and do a flight demonstration at the Palm Springs Air Museum yesterday. Turn your sound up!


MiG Invades Palm Springs

Yesterday, Friday, a day unlike any other! Because an airplane arrived that you really do not get to see, let alone see it fly. It is a MiG Flug L29, a┬áSoviet era jet trainer that will be very spectacular to see fly today, Saturday, right after the 1:00 PM program. And the program is not to be missed…

The guys who flew the missions in the F-100 Super Sabre, the supersonic jet fighter aircraft that served with the United States Air Force from 1954 to 1971. Pilots Al Dempsey and Bob Lilac at 1:00 PM today. These men made history and have the tales to tell! Be there!

MiG Flug L29

One Of Only One

Saturdays at the Palm Springs Air Museum brings us great programs and flight demonstrations. This last Saturday brought us the only still flying World War II P-51A Mustang. There are other still flying Mustangs but this is the early A version powered by 1200 hp Allison engine. It had a maximum speed of 409 mph and carried four .50 caliber machine guns. The plane was designed to be strictly an air to air combat aircraft. Now owned by Planes Of Fame in Chino CA. I had the pilot stop mid-air right in front of me so I could shoot this photograph. Ok maybe not.



Pretty Polly

Among my very favorite “Nose Art” at the Palm Springs Air Museum… “Pretty Polly”. This P-63 King Cobra from World War II is now a very rare aircraft and this one even more so because it is still flying.

I have been posting a lot of my aircraft photography over the last week and I have been asked by people when I was going to be posting more of my photography of beautiful women. “Pretty Polly” is my transition going into next week when I will show you more of those gorgeous women, and some guys too! So keep coming back! Thanks!