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Flight Ops

A very busy day at the Palm Springs Air Museum on Memorial Day 2017. Lots of historic aircraft for flight demonstrations and the very important “Flower Drop” to honor the true meaning of Memorial Day. How much fun did I have! It’s good to be the Air Museum photographer!


Not a Hugh Hefner Bunny! Memorial Day weekend was spent by me as photographer for the Palm Springs Air Museum. What incredible fun it was watching these warbirds take to the air doing flight demonstrations. Even had a chance to fly myself as well!

As one aircraft after another flew by with a crowd of 3000 people at my back, everyone applauded. But the biggest applause by far was for “Bunny”! Without question, the biggest airplane fan favorite, the P-51 Mustang from World War II.

This P-51 dedicated to the famed Tuskegee Airmen “Red Tails” and specifically to Lt. Col. Bob Friend who flew over 140 combat missions in an identical Mustang.

So while a runway filled with Playboy Bunnies might be fun, they just can’t compare to this “Bunny”! Flown by the very exceptional Tom Nightingale who obviously did some of that really cool pilot stuff! Thanks!


I’m Flying!

Extra benefit of being the photographer for the Palm Springs Air Museum is flying! Yesterday in a World War II Mitchell B-25 bomber. The United States Marine Corps version PBJ, the only one still flying in the world. My duty station for the Memorial Day weekend, the Palm Springs Air Museum. Come on out!


Flyover Muscle Beach

If you were on stage at Muscle Beach or just nearby on Memorial Day, this is one of the memories you are carrying in your mind from 2015. One you will not forget soon! The only bodybuilding and fitness show to open with the United States Air Force flying a C-17 overhead at roof top level.  You saw it, you heard it and you could feel the excitement. Only at the real Muscle Beach shows! That is where you find me with my cameras for over a decade.

Air Force Flyover

Muscle Beach Photo Sign Ups

Muscle Beach/Venice, photographs and YOU! This Memorial Day weekend show, if you would like me to photograph you on stage and back stage, I am taking sign ups now. Please do not wait! Thank You and sign up here at this link…

Muscle Beach Flyover

Only at the real Muscle Beach/Venice, the show opens with a United States Air Force flyover! Yes I will be there with my cameras. If you are going to want stage photographs of yourself, or maybe backstage photographs as well, please send me a note ASAP. Also if you are going to want magazine or feature coverage, please contact me immediately as well. E-mail to Thanks!



The Best Fun At Muscle Beach…

The Best Fun At Muscle Beach...

The best fun at Muscle Beach/Venice for me… seeing friends old and new! All time greats and legends of bodybuilding Tony Pearson and Bill Grant cheering on Jeff Behar winning the day yesterday at the show.

And I have to Thank so many of you who made it a part of your day to come see me as well. You yelled and texted and had other people find me amid the crowds and so much going on. I am so very flattered by you! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!