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My New Selfie…

I always say I like selfies so here is a new of me. Oh… that other person is model Bailey Daniels.

A Photographer Selfie With Model Bailey Daniels


I just find it so odd that in the USA we find ourselves so censored as compared to much of the rest of the world when it comes to things considered sexual. At least that is my view when it comes to photographs and photography. Here is a page from Vogue Paris with model Emily DiDonato. And Vogue is what I would call a mainstream magazine. Below is how I have to post the same photo on Facebook. Can you imagine the same photograph made “safe” for “American” magazines. It is just not as interesting and beautiful. That is why the photograph was designed and photographed as it is in the first place.



The Intense Environment Of Salton Sea

The environment of Salton Sea can be very intense. Harsh Sunlight, desolate spaces, an eeriness to the Sea itself. In places a post apocalyptic look that would be movie perfect. But I find it uniquely compelling and beautiful. A favorite location for my photo shoots. Model Bailey Daniels.

Intensity At Salton Sea

Intensity At Salton Sea

Intensity At Salton Sea

Intensity At Salton Sea

Intensity At Salton Sea

Fitness Is Also Looking Good Naked

Lots of reasons to be fit and healthy! And if you want it that way, looking good naked is one of them. All the better! From my photo shoot with Melyssa.

Melyssa Buhl Naked

The Ice, The Bucket and Naked…

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is looking up! I am kidding, it really is doing a lot of good! But glamour model Micaela Schäfer has stepped it up, way up! Naked on the streets of Berlin. My clothes are on but my hat is off to her. Micaela has my respect for being so very adventuresome to do this. So enjoy the video while I am checking out airfare and hotels. This is a screen shot from the video and the actual video is below that.