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Creating Light

The artist in this painting duplicated the light he saw, used it to set the scene and made it highlight where he wanted to draw your gaze and attention. Just brilliant. Not unlike photography. The other day at the Huntington Library in San Marino CA.


Dessert, Infinity, Hamburger And A Security Guard…

Some of the fun art at the Palm Springs Modernism Show and the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair on Sunday. Can you figure out some of what you are seeing? There is even a view of me. Dessert Threesome Infinity On The Wall Infinity On A Tabletop Olive & Wimpy Guard On Duty

Atomic Exotica and More…

Out Friday night on the streets of Palm Springs at the beginning of Modernism Week. Lots of gallery shows and fun and people. Atomic Exotica was of the more exotica but everywhere was great and much to see!

Atomic Exotica

Jorge Mendez Gallery


Jazz At Shag

Eldorado AT Modernway

Kerson Gallery

An Affaire Of Art

My date yesterday was a real doll and she was so amazed first seeing the Assemblage Art of my friend Lauretta Lowell. You can be too, when you go see her today as the featured artist at the Art Affaire in Rancho Mirage. Over 100 artists displaying their works in a beautiful outdoor setting with live music all day. Go on out there and check out Lauretta. It will all come in to focus so take a credit card with you. You might want to take some of the fun home!

The Art Of Lauretta Lowell


Not “Cat In The Hat”!

This is not “Cat In The Hat” but it is by Dr. Seuss. “The Rather Odd Myopic Woman Riding Piggyback on One of Helen’s Many Cats” certainly depicts a different side to his satire. In a gallery in Laguna Beach.


Look Closely, Look Very Closely!

Look Closely, Look Very Closely!

Look closely, look very closely! A photograph I shot today at the Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach. A miniature reproduction of the original old Laguna Beach Art Gallery. Created by Margaret and Stanley Shepard, sculpted figures by Gail Hinman and the miniature art works signed by Laguna artists. For me, photography lets me explore more of the world, small and large. And I enjoy sharing it with my friends. Thanks!


Walk Around With Leica S2 And Nipple Alert!

Walk Around With Leica S2 And Nipple Alert!

A wonderful sculpture in front of the Elena Bulatova Gallery in Palm Springs. I did a walk of street photography yesterday with a Leica S2 Medium Format digital camera. For you photography folks out there, it is a 37.5 megapixel camera with the expected optics of Leica lenses. Certainly the most expensive camera I have ever used for street photography coming in at almost $30,000. Part of my week at the Palm Springs Photo Festival.

Nipple alert even on a sculpture, I only felt safe putting a censored version of this photograph on Facebook. Unfortunate because it really is a integral part of this art.


Be A Part Of My Art…

Be A Part Of My Art...

I am going to go out on a limb here and say I Love Art too! I am going to be making more of my art and making some plans. It could involve some of you in front of my cameras. If you might be interested, please subscribe to my Blog here. There will be details you might not be seeing anywhere else.

By the way, this was photographed on a photo excursion I did on Route 66 in California between Amboy and Needles.


A Moment Of Tranquility Going Into Monday…

A Moment Of Tranquility Going Into Monday...

A moment of tranquility going into Monday. “Seated Thinking Woman” by Felipe Castaneda, 1979 bronze. Photographed yesterday at The Galen and the Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden of the Palm Springs Art Museum.


Here Is Far For Someone Else…

Here Is Far For Someone Else...

Sometimes we think we must go far to see and photograph interesting people, places and things. I always try to remember that here for me is the far for someone else. Only a few miles away at The Galen and the Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden of the Palm Springs Art Museum. “Walk Among The Stars” by Dave McGay 2006. A bronze with patina and paint.


Eduardo Carriazo at Archangel Gallery

Eduardo Carriazo at Archangel Gallery

An incredible sculpture by my friend, artist Eduardo Carriazo. From his showing currently at the Archangel Gallery in Palm Springs. One of his many pieces of his collection on display “Heresy and Inquisitions, what is true?”. Archangel Gallery has quickly become a must visit stop for the artwork and art events in Palm Springs. A wonderful space representing superb artists.


Reflections of “Driven” by Eric Nash

A reflection within a reflection within a reflection… At the opening last night of “Driven” “Drawings and Paintings of the Road” by Eric Nash at the Stephen Archdeacon Gallery in Palm Springs. Wonderful works attended by a wonderful group of people. And to quote… “Feral Car Show by Matthew Reader” “Hosted by Billy F Gibbons and WWW. FERALCARS.COM. Also wonderful Tequila from Pura Vida Tequila Company. Thank You to Sara Abbas for being my Tequila tour guide. I like it!