Photography by Ian L. Sitren


When I saw this gorgeous woman at the Palm Springs Photo Festival late night event party there was no question in my mind that she was a professional model. The way she carried herself, her presence, dress and makeup and hair, tall and slender. When we did meet and she told me her name was Gabriella, I thought how perfect is that. Such a romantic name that takes one away to beautiful places in Europe that so very much fits her. Then much to my surprise, I find that she is an extraordinary photographer herself. I am wondering now if I should hang out with more photographers. Just kidding, they mostly all just look like me. But that is how I came to be graced with Gabriella Muttone in front of my camera.

Gabriella Muttone at the Palm Springs Air Museum

Gabriella Muttone in our photo shoot at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Photographed by Ian L. Sitren. Hasselblad digital camera equipment and Broncolor lighting. Only the best.

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