Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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Carries Heavy Stuff!

Behind the scenes studio shoot last week in Los Angeles. Harmoni Everett working as my assistant. She can carry really heavy stuff! And she has did a bunch of different wardrobe changes as a model that day too! Wow she is great. Our next model coming up shortly Dee Ross from NYC! A full day with super MUA Blanche LeBeau! So fun!


Naked Home Furnishings

This is my idea of photographing home furnishings. Makes me want to buy those chairs! I think an entire home furnishing designer line or catalog photographed by me like this would be much better than what you usually see. Don’t you!

Photographed by me with a Hasselblad digital camera. Broncolor lighting with a Broncolor Para 133 reflector on a Scoro pack. That is for you photographer type people. Only the best!