Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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Navy Sea Hawk

Another look at that Navy MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopter departing Palm Springs this past Friday.

CHP Helicopter

A California Highway Patrol helicopter departing the airport in Palm Springs last Thursday.

Helicopter Flying Patterns

A helicopter flying consistent North South patterns West of the Palm Springs Airport. A Bell 206L-3 owned by Premier Rotors LLC. Perhaps inspecting power lines or a survey.


Huey Gunship and Loach

Huey Gunship and Loach

Vietnam War era helicopters over the skies at the Palm Springs Air Museum yesterday. A Huey Gunship and a Loach. Good thing I brought a camera!

The Loach was officially named the Cayuse, it was a light observation helicopter that was sometimes equipped for combat. In the movie “Blackhawk Down” you hear them referenced as “Little Birds” operated by U.S. Army’s Special Operations Forces.

The Huey Gunship, actually the Bell UH-1 Iroquois, where 7,000 of them saw extensive service in the Vietnam War. Used for everything from troop transport and medical evacuation, it became most known for it’s combat role as “Air Calvary”. The Huey reached Hollywood epic star stars in the Vietnam War movie “Apocalypse Now”.


Ride-Em Copter

Ride-Em Copter

She said if I wanted the upper seat it was going to be a bumpy ride. Sounds good to me! She is “Shivers” described as “the well-endowed, lady mannequin pilot” “ravishing and sexy” also a part of the art installation.

“Ride-Em-Copter” by Steve Maloney. A Bell Jet OH-58 Helicopter at the Palm Springs Fine Arts Fair 2014.