Photography by Ian L. Sitren

Working Your Way To Muscle Beach

If you are going to work that hard and do the show at Muscle Beach on Memorial Day, you have to get in front of my cameras! Just ask Melissa Loya! Time to sign up, and for more details click here…

You can have your photos on stage and backstage in the famous workout “pit”. You can also have your own mini photo shoot for yourself or a couple on the Saturday or Sunday of that weekend. That can be on the beach and around the world famous Venice Boardwalk. 

Not doing the show? You can still have your own mini photo shoot. Either way, take advantage of me! My shoot rates are often at least 10 times what I do for this show. I do these photo shoots like this only for Muscle Beach.

But you must sign up ASAP! I will not have time to photograph everyone as much as I really would like to. So get signed up and let’s get you some outstanding photographs! Click here…


Muscle Beach Memorial Day 2015

Melissa Loya at The Muscle Beach International Classic Memorial Day 2015

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