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Fine Art Nude?

A panel discussion at the Palm Springs Photo Festival last week raised the question of what is fine art photography. Personally I do not like definitions such as that. Is the difference between fine art and not fine art a really expensive frame perhaps. I guess this is my idea of a fine art nude. Aristodeme the model is nude and she is holding fine art. Photographed with a Hasselblad digital camera and Broncolor lighting. That equipment is fine art, and so is Aristodeme, of that I am sure!

Fine Art Nude

Atomic Exotica and More…

Out Friday night on the streets of Palm Springs at the beginning of Modernism Week. Lots of gallery shows and fun and people. Atomic Exotica was of the more exotica but everywhere was great and much to see!

Atomic Exotica

Jorge Mendez Gallery


Jazz At Shag

Eldorado AT Modernway

Kerson Gallery


“Pucci Girl” Modernism

“Pucci Girl” what a wonderful way to close out Modernism Week here in Palm Springs. A photograph I shot on the opening night of the Fine Art Fair of this wonderful painting by Sherry Wolf represented by Imago Galleries. To me “Pucci Girl” represents the great fun of Modernism, the look of the 1960’s Go Go women, the colors, the music. By the way, Emilio Pucci was a clothing designer who very much created the iconic look of the time. If any of you want to do a 1960’s sexy edgy photo shoot with me, let me know!


Edgy Like I LIke…

Edgy Like I LIke...

Something I might think of photographing for an edgy editorial shoot. A model on her knees perhaps lost in a more pleasurable thought or place. Somewhat erotic while still being fully dressed.

But no! My photograph of the hyper realistic art of Marc Sijan. Life size sculpture indistinguishable from a model I might actually have before the camera. Amazing imagination and talent!

Photographed on opening night at the Fine Arts Fair in Palm Springs for Modernism Week.


Proximity Cinema

Proximity Cinema

“Proximity Cinema” by Tiffany Trendra. The artist remains silent using proximity and touch and the body as the only point of interface. When the audience touches the screen it reveals a photograph of the artist’s body. The screens relay the most spoken words between men and women such as “Go Ahead” “It’s Ok” “Don’t Worry About It”. Photographed at the Palm Springs Fine Art Festival opening last night.


Ride-Em Copter

Ride-Em Copter

She said if I wanted the upper seat it was going to be a bumpy ride. Sounds good to me! She is “Shivers” described as “the well-endowed, lady mannequin pilot” “ravishing and sexy” also a part of the art installation.

“Ride-Em-Copter” by Steve Maloney. A Bell Jet OH-58 Helicopter at the Palm Springs Fine Arts Fair 2014.