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Phil Collen, Def Leppard And Me!

One of the coolest things I have done as a bodybuilding and fitness photographer. Photographing Phil Collen, of the legendary rock group Def Leppard. And yes I wrote the story too!


Mike And Jean

My friends Mike O’Hearn and Jean Carrillo Carrillo Muay Thai meeting on Saturday, after two decades, at the Los Angeles FitExpo. Jean had trained Mike in Muay Thai at Gold’s Gym Venice. Mike as an actor and fitness personality has been seen on the cover of hundreds of magazines and is a huge fan favorite. Jean is a world famous Muay Thai and self defense trainer, training people in his gym in Santa Ana as well as special police units in France and around the world. Great fun!

Mike O'Hearn & Jean Carrillo

Jean Carrillo trained Mike O’Hearn in Muay Thai 21 years ago at Gold’s Gym Venice.

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Mike O’Hearn and Jean Carrillo. Photo provided by Jean Carrillo.