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SX-70 Nude

Continuing my theme of shooting with instant cameras. Here is a series I shot during our photo shoot where I brought out an old folding Polaroid SX-70. Again I love the look of instant photos and especially here, the somewhat mid 1960’s film color palette. With model Jamie Lovelle.

Jamie LovelleJamie LovelleJamie LovelleJamie Lovelle


Diner Dreams

From my soon to be released series “Diner Dreams”. Photographed not only in color but also black and white medium format film. It is not what you might expect. Editorial availability and prints. Keep watching here for the release information. Thanks!


From My Series “Diner Dreams”


I just find it so odd that in the USA we find ourselves so censored as compared to much of the rest of the world when it comes to things considered sexual. At least that is my view when it comes to photographs and photography. Here is a page from Vogue Paris with model Emily DiDonato. And Vogue is what I would call a mainstream magazine. Below is how I have to post the same photo on Facebook. Can you¬†imagine the same photograph made “safe” for “American” magazines. It is just not as interesting and beautiful. That is why the photograph¬†was designed and photographed as it is in the first place.