Photography by Ian L. Sitren

Fashion Model Flight Demo

During our photo shoot at the Palm Springs Air Museum, Gabriella Muttone did her best to do a flight demonstration. Limited by lack of flight clearance from the tower, she never the less looked really great in her liftoff.

I must tell you about Gabriella. Stunningly beautiful, a professional model who has worked  around the world, been the face of Avon, and has graced such brands as American Express, Sony, CocaCola, Diet 7-UP, WonderBra, Sears, Faberge and Appolinaris. Gabriella is represented by the prestigious Spot 6 Management in Toronto, one of the most sought after modeling agencies in Canada.

There is yet more! Gabriella herself is a superb photographer. Incredibly talented and creative, you must check out her work at I truly admire what she does behind the camera!

How flattered am I to have this accomplished professional model and an extraordinary photographer stand in front of my camera. I would otherwise be without words but I had to say Thank You Gabriella Muttone. You are just wonderful!

I must also say that I am so happy I use the best gear possible, Hasselblad digital camera equipment and Broncolor lighting. Anything less would have been just that. Thanks!

Gabriella Muttone at the Palm Springs Air Museum


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