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Photographing Windy. For you photographers out there; medium format Tri-X 400.

A beautiful and exotic Windy from our photo shoot!

Hasselblad Shooting Rolleiflex

Using the new Hasselblad X1DII camera to shoot an old vintage Rolleiflex camera. Lens was the Hasselblad XCD 3.5 120mm with Broncolor F160 LED lighting. Shot handheld at Camera West in Rancho Mirage CA.

X1DII Shooting a Rolleiflex


Phase One Camera Roll Out…

Phase One Camera Roll Out...

Great fun yesterday trying out the Phase One IQ250 Camera. This will be more of interest to my photographer friends here, but… The IQ250 is the first CMOS sensor version for medium format and at 50 megapixels. I did this photograph with available light at iso 3200 and it is great.

This workshop was sponsored by Samy’s Camera, Phase One, Profoto USA lighting and Eizo monitors. Astounding equipment, that I use, and as well Samy’s Camera puts on great events! I even won a Samy’s $150 gift card in the random drawing!