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Film Again

I always liked shooting film. Dwayne’s was the only film lab left still processing Kodachrome. I like many photographers saved our last rolls to get into Dwayne’s to be a small part of photography history.

Now in these changing times, I am going back to shooting some film for a change of pace and for the idea of going back to the history of photography. There is no more Kodachrome or Kodachrome processing but many films are in production and have been brought back in to production.

Kodakhrome T-Shirt

You and My Camera

Simple is my favorite way of creating photographs. Here Melyssa, window light, and a medium format camera loaded with Kodak Portra film. The only camera I have really enjoyed as much as shooting film is my medium format Hasselblad digital camera. It creates that film look of color, tonality and depth that I want to see in my work. Only the best! Thanks!

Window, Sunlight and a Camera

In Las Vegas With Film

Yes I still shoot some film. Here I am in Las Vegas earlier this week. Along with all my digital gear I brought along a film camera and some Kodak Professional film. I like the look!


On The Rocks

On the rocks is often my choice. Windy Nguyen makes for a wonderful yard accessory don’t you think! From our photo shoot.

Windy Nguyen

Photobomb Or Not?

Photobomb or not? Maybe she is just ignoring him. Above the bay in Marina Del Rey California for a photo shoot.


“TBT” Shooting Film

“TBT” “Throw Back Thursday”. For a photographer that means when we were photographing everything on film. Like this bodybuilding show photograph I shot in a medium format Mamiya camera on Kodak Professional film. The film was processed and scanned at The Icon Los Angeles. The thing I really like about film like in this photograph is the completely realistic skin tones. Also the shadows and highlights filled with detail. I still like shooting film.

Bodybuilder On Film

Fitness Is Also Looking Good Naked

Lots of reasons to be fit and healthy! And if you want it that way, looking good naked is one of them. All the better! From my photo shoot with Melyssa.

Melyssa Buhl Naked

Maybe I Should Be Wearing…

Maybe I should be wearing a tie and jacket when I do my photo shoots? A suit or tuxedo perhaps?


Classic Photography – Not Digital…

I am always amazed and gratified that my skills as a photographer can equal the great looking people I get to photograph. Jake Sawyer works very hard to sculpt his physique so even better that we get to shoot at fun locations in a classic photographic style. Most of you will have no idea what I am talking about when I say that this was shot on medium format film. A film that is actually of historical importance, Kodak Tri-X. Anyway, one of my favorite ever photo shoots! Thanks!

Jake Sawyer at the Garage


And The Credits Go to…

And The Credits Go to...

Professional model, actress and writer Maria Bertrand. Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle. Photography by me.

Ok more for fun; Camera by Mamiya Leaf USA, film by Kodak Professional, lighting by the Sun (not a company, actual sunlight), processing and scanning by The Icon Los Angeles.