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Monday! Muscle Beach!

It is always a good time to be at Muscle Beach/Venice. Just ask Marc-arthur Moses Dautruchee working out and wowing the crowds along the boardwalk. And Monday will be even better! Come out for the final big show for this Summer. Guys with muscle and beautiful women will stand on that stage where Where Muscles Were Born. The original big three shows at Muscle Beach over the Summers are the most fun you can imagine. So be there! I will and with my cameras!

Marc-arthur (Moses) Dautruchee at Muscle Beach


Muscles Not In The Gym

Muscles Not In The Gym

Just because the hard work is done in the gym, it does not mean we have to do all the photo shoots there. This photo series with Jake Sawyer is available for magazine editorial features and advertising. Check with me to see more. And also if you would also like to talk about other photo shoots. Thanks!