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Girl Can Jump At Muscle Beach!

Laura Bailey was jumping for joy because I was photographing her backstage in the workout “Pit” at Muscle Beach/Venice. You can too! Saturday July 4th I will be doing the stage photographs and backstage photographs. You can even have your own mini photo shoot the day after the show on Sunday. I can still get you in for a mini photo shoot tomorrow. But you have to sign up. Here is the link for the online sign up form and more info. And if you have any questions just send me a note. Thanks!

Get Out Your Best Sox!

Get out your best sox! Maria Bertrand sure did! I will be photographing you backstage in the workout “”Pit” and on stage at the big July 4th fitness and bodybuilding show at Muscle Beach/Venice! You can even have your own mini-shoot the day before or the day after. But you have to sign up first. For more information and the online sign up form click here and Thanks…

It’s My Job!

By the end of the day she walked away on stage with a First Place Trophy at Muscle Beach/Venice on Memorial Day. One of the amazing, wonderful, outstanding people I had the opportunity to photograph that day. And I say this every time, Hannah Gordon Etherson is one of the most beautiful women I have ever known!

But back to business! Time to sign up for me shooting your photographs at the July 4th show at Muscle Beach. On stage, backstage, and even your own personal photo shoot the day before or the day after. I can only photograph so many people so please sign up now and let’s do it! Thanks! Sign Up Here…

Behind The Scenes And On The Screen

Usually behind the work on my photo shoots as the makeup artist and hairstylist, Natalie Lyle is also pretty incredible in front of the camera. Sculpting all 6 ft tall of her into a fit body and watching me direct shoots has made her a model who surely commands a lot of attention. Here is a look of the behind the scenes from one of our photos shoots and an on screen look of a small part of what I see afterwards.

Natalie Lyle

Natalie Lyle

My Relationship With Keira Knightly

Well other than thinking that she is just gorgeous and I very much enjoy seeing her in movies and photographs, I do not have a relationship with Keira Knightly. Except for perhaps in agreement with some of her views about photography. She was recently photographed by famous fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier for Interview Magazine. And she also was the interviewer of Demarchelier for the feature. More below…

Keira Knightley by Patrick Demarchelier For Interview Magazine

Keira Knightley by Patrick Demarchelier For Interview Magazine

In the interview Keira brings up a few points and asks questions of Demarchelier about shooting film versus shooting digital as she sees a difference in how photographers relate to the subject or model. Here are a few of those questions…

KNIGHTLEY: I’ve noticed that the people who started on film still have the ability to see the person in front of them. Whereas for a lot of photographers who have only ever worked in digital, the relationship between the photographer and the person who they’re taking a picture of sort of doesn’t exist anymore. They’re looking at a computer screen as opposed to the person.

DEMARCHELIER: Exactly. I love digital, but the only problem is less intimacy. People look at the screen right away. Before, nobody saw the picture before you saw the final picture. There was more privacy in a way.

KNIGHTLEY: Do you miss any of the physicality of it? I think I’m a horrific kind of romantic about film. There’s something about that single shot that was one moment in time, and something about the physical process of the light hitting the lens and the dark room. I find it difficult to see the romance in digital.

DEMARCHELIER: It can do that too, actually. I do a Polaroid before shooting. A Polaroid you do one picture, three pictures, it’s really a moment. Capturing that moment with those pictures is interesting.

I want to say that I really understand what Keira Knightly is saying. By example when I am shooting on location in bright sun and shooting digital, you can’t see the screen on the back of the camera anyway. So I do find myself shooting more like when I do shoot film. Less as an observer and more working directly with the model. There is more of a connection, kind of an eye to eye thing. I have caught myself lately making that digital mistake. I see other photographers, younger photographers who have not shot film. being totally detached like they are watching selfies on an Instagram feed. As a consequence their photos are truly uninspired.

So what have I done to stay connected? Simple things that make me slow down. You might see me shoot with the camera on a tripod. Let’s me pay more attention to the model and details. I do shoot way fewer photos than other photographers. I hear models tell me that they shot with some photographer and they shot thousands of photos in a photo shoot. That usually only means you have a whole bunch of mediocre photos to look through and the photographer is just being a button pusher and watching.

To paraphrase a story about the great photographer Helmut Newton; it is said that for the cover assignment for a very prominent fashion magazine he only shot three photographs as the selections. When confronted by the very famous editor that he only sent in three, Newton responded “Well you only need one”. That “one” was always a work of art and not just one of many photographs.

And from time to time you might see me shoot film. When you only have 12, 16 or 36 frames before you have to reload the camera that will slow you down. Especially when you consider that each roll of film will cost $35 – $50 each to be developed and scanned. Every now and then some of you may have even seen me bring out the Polaroid cameras. I intend to do that more as well. For many of you it will be a new experience. No screen to look at not he back of the camera. One model I worked with was very confused by it and she said “Is that like movies?”. Don’t worry I won’t make fun of you. It’s all fun!

Well I hope Keira Knightly sees this and stops by to do a shoot on film with me. Maybe she or Interview Magazine did call me about this feature and I was at the gym or something. I will just keep telling myself that. Thanks!


Who Wants To…

Who wants to schedule to be in front of my cameras. Fitness, bodybuilding, edgy editorial. Let’s talk about it! And you can visit my website by clicking the photograph to see more, please do! Thanks!

The amazing Sherry Goggin in one of my photo shoots. Worked out just fine, don’t you think!


Nope This Was Not The Model!

Nope This Was Not The Model!

Nope, Jaime Klein was not my model yesterday. However he did stand in while I was setting up lighting for the photo shoot while my real model was getting ready for our last set up of the day. I have to Thank Jaime for the use of his photo studio yesterday in L.A. This is actually outside of the studio in the back drive up area.

Jaime is as well, a superb photographer specializing in portrait headshots for actors and corporations, law firms and such. If you are in L.A. and looking for a cut above, please visit Jaime. I am not even begin to tell you how long I know this guy!

The lighting I was setting up was a Profoto USA B1 wireless off camera strobe. For my photographer friends, I can tell you that this is one convenient strobe in a small convenient design. One small bag and you are good to go. Battery operated and wireless control from a little touch pad on the top of your camera. Very Cool. So I must Thank my friend Dan Cuny from Profoto for letting me try it out.

You will be seeing a photograph with the real model from this shoot here on my Blog and Website and Facebook tomorrow morning. I can tell you right now, it is nothing what you might be expecting. Very Fun! You will like this one!


Muscles Not In The Gym

Muscles Not In The Gym

Just because the hard work is done in the gym, it does not mean we have to do all the photo shoots there. This photo series with Jake Sawyer is available for magazine editorial features and advertising. Check with me to see more. And also if you would also like to talk about other photo shoots. Thanks!


Bodybuilding, Fitness. T-Shirts, Fashion to Edgy Editorial

Bodybuilding, Fitness. T-Shirts, Fashion to Edgy Editorial

If you work out to look good and feel good or maybe it is your business too, we can shoot some photographs to show it! Jake Sawyer from one of our photo shoots. Here in Marina Del Rey near world famous Venice Beach. The home of Muscle Beach/Venice, the place “Where Muscles Were Born”!

Check with me to shoot your company, business, or product advertising, magazine editorials and so much more. And not just in bodybuilding and fitness. Everything from t-shirts, fashion to edgy editorial. Send me a note and lets talk about it! Thanks!


Booking Photo Shoots…

Booking Photo Shoots...

Time to start booking up to be in front of my cameras or schedule those gyms shoots and magazine stories. Fitness, bodybuilding, edgy editorial. Let’s talk about it! And you can visit my website and look through my blog here to see more, please do! Thanks!

The amazing Sherry Goggin in one of my photo shoots. Worked out just fine, don’t you think!


My Three Point Guide To Taking Great Photographs…

My Three Point Guide To Taking Great Photographs…

My three point guide to taking great photographs… 1. Have Maria Bertrand stand in front of your camera. 2. Point camera at her. 3. Push button. Ok now, who is next to try this with me?