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Somehow when you see the billboards in their entirety and location, it negates the message. On the frontage road along the 10 Freeway near Cabazon on the way to Palm Springs.

Hasselblad H1 Introduction

I have always been a fan of Hasselblad because of it’s place in history with the exploration of outer space. This is an ad from July/August 2005 in Picture Magazine, but it appeared in many magazines. I remember very well the introduction of the H1D when Hasselblad held a day long special event at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica. It was led by none other than the then President of Hasselblad.

I was there, and as I usually would do, spent a couple of days staying at the Loew’s for other business. Holding that camera and looking through that viewfinder was a total revelation. It shamed other cameras with its huge bright view. The camera so very ergonomic and solid. Everyone was just amazed with it and it’s features and future.

Indeed that held with me when finally I bought my own H4D system some years later. Hasselblad always had some great huge events. Other companies have done so along the way too. I hope to see more. I think it is good marketing although sometimes immediate results are not seen.

Hasselblad H1 Ad Picture Magazine July:Aug 2005


Social Media During Shelter In Place

What to do during this time for your business. You should be working on your social media presence for one thing. Your audience is spending much more time at that computer, and so is mine. So I decided to build my business Facebook page which had been stagnant.

Most of my Facebook reach was on my personal page over the years. But that is at my limit of 5,000 friends. And I have been on Facebook since 2008. So this is what I have done for my page “SecondFocus Photography by Ian L. Sitren” so far. Thanks!

Social Media March 15 - May 1


More Than A Bag

At first look, just a wrinkled plastic bag. It has been sitting crunched up in a drawer. Actually it was a part of hugely successful marketing. If you are a bodybuilding and fitness person, you were handed one of these bags at some time.

At one of the annual, week long, planning meetings at in Boise, the bag concept came up. At the major bodybuilding and fitness expos like the Arnold and Olympia, hundreds of companies hand out tremendous amounts of swag and product samples. The same at all of the other bodybuilding and fitness competitions around the country. So the idea was to hand out a bag that would tell people to buy their products at

It immediately came to my mind and I said “Find everything in this bag at”. That was it and the bag went into production. I am sure hundreds of thousands of these bags were handed out over the years. They were even supplied for free to other companies and manufacturers to hand out with their products.

Part of a concept that was to make sure that everyone knew and went there first for anything related to fitness and bodybuilding. It worked!

BBcom Bag

Fitness Marketing

We take it as common place seeing neck lanyards with company names at events and conventions etc. But that was certainly not the case 15 years ago at bodybuilding and fitness events. At one of the major amateur bodybuilding competitions, thousands of attendees, competitors and guests all had their passes on plain black lanyards. I said to, let’s make lanyards and give them free to all of the bodybuilding and fitness event producers around the country, even around the world. Within the next few months and going forward, hundreds of thousands of people at these events became individual billboards for

BBcom Neck Lanyard

Branded By A Kiss

Do you have that one iconic photograph that has branded and built your product or service or company? For a decade they have used my photograph of Renee kissing an egg for their trade show displays, brochures, flyers, and even t-shirts and caps. I don’t know if it has been seen my billions but certainly millions. Now you find Egg Whites International anywhere and everywhere from gym stores and counters to major grocery chains. Without question regarded as the premier 100% Pure Liquid Egg Whites in the entire world. These photographs at their booth at the 2016 Naturally Fit Games in Austin TX going on right now. Ready to talk about me photographing your advertising or magazine features? Send me an e-mail to Let’s do it!



Before Or After?

What happens when you read the captions in the wrong order or perhaps don’t see the whole thing. An excerpt from an e-mail I received from Vice Media…


Hiking At The L.A. FitExpo!

I know I will be seeing my hiking partner Sherry Goggin at the FitExpo today. I don’t know if she will be wearing this hiking outfit she wore the last time we did a photo shoot out in the desert, but she is always looking amazing in wardrobe from her own line of clothes from Fit Girl Wear! If you are hiking at the FitExpo at the Los Angeles Convention Center today, send me an e-mail to and we meet up on the trail! Thanks!

Sherry Goggin In The Desert

My Most Viewed Video…

My most viewed video ever was shot as part of the photo session and ad campaign I did for this magazine advertisement for The model is Maria Rogers who was nothing short of sensational. But you can see that in the photograph and video. L-Glutamine

I Am Mom Approved!

An email I received from Maria Yvonne Bertrand… “Ian L. Sitren, look at what is framed and hung in the hallway at my mums house. A really awesome photographer took the picture.”

I am Mom Approved! Too Fun! After all that Maria Bertrand has done her Mom picked my photo! How cool is that.

And what has Maria done… been a model for Guess, Versace, Gianfranco Ferre, Le Vie en Rose, Dynamite, La Perla, Armani, Coke, Le Grenier and walked runway for wedding dresses, lingerie, jeans, high fashion, gowns and much more. She has done tons of catalogs, sports catalogs, and hair shows.

She has worked in Milan, Paris, London, Athens, Montreal, Toronto, Capetownand many places in between. Her magazine appearances and covers include Vogue, W, Chatelaine, Elle, Sante, Living Fit, Femme D’aujour’hui and more around the world.

How about commercials… Audi, Miller, Bud Light, Baskin Robbins, Molson Dry, Coppertone, Pela Windows, Comcast, Oceans, Michelob Ultra, Club Med.

Not done yet, Maria has been in eleven movies with the biggest stars you know and some cult favorites. Ands then numerous television shows.

So I am really good with her Mom liking my photograph of Maria enough to have it framed and hanging at home. Makes me smile!

You can click on this photo to see the actual photograph itself on my website.




Photography For Your Ad Campaign…

Photography For Your Ad Campaign...

I am ready willing and able to photograph your advertising campaigns, magazine ads, billboards and more. So this is my shout out to you supplement companies, clothing, sportswear, fashion, art directors, marketing managers. Just send me a note to my e-mail at Thanks!


Sexy And Creative From 1985 With Rachel McLish.

So very sexy and creative and attention grabbing. A health club television commercial from 1985 featuring Rachel McLish, the very first Ms. Olympia. I really do not think ads for gyms and supplement companies really measure up today.

However this is one national magazine ad that I think is great. I photographed this for



Who Wants To…

Who wants to schedule to be in front of my cameras. Fitness, bodybuilding, edgy editorial. Let’s talk about it! And you can visit my website by clicking the photograph to see more, please do! Thanks!

The amazing Sherry Goggin in one of my photo shoots. Worked out just fine, don’t you think!


Those Jamie Eason Ads…

Those Jamie Eason Ads...

Those ads featuring Jamie Eason in endless numbers of magazines and newspapers and online. Yes! They came from Jamie in front of my cameras.


Muscles Not In The Gym

Muscles Not In The Gym

Just because the hard work is done in the gym, it does not mean we have to do all the photo shoots there. This photo series with Jake Sawyer is available for magazine editorial features and advertising. Check with me to see more. And also if you would also like to talk about other photo shoots. Thanks!


Bodybuilding, Fitness. T-Shirts, Fashion to Edgy Editorial

Bodybuilding, Fitness. T-Shirts, Fashion to Edgy Editorial

If you work out to look good and feel good or maybe it is your business too, we can shoot some photographs to show it! Jake Sawyer from one of our photo shoots. Here in Marina Del Rey near world famous Venice Beach. The home of Muscle Beach/Venice, the place “Where Muscles Were Born”!

Check with me to shoot your company, business, or product advertising, magazine editorials and so much more. And not just in bodybuilding and fitness. Everything from t-shirts, fashion to edgy editorial. Send me a note and lets talk about it! Thanks!


Booking Photo Shoots…

Booking Photo Shoots...

Time to start booking up to be in front of my cameras or schedule those gyms shoots and magazine stories. Fitness, bodybuilding, edgy editorial. Let’s talk about it! And you can visit my website and look through my blog here to see more, please do! Thanks!

The amazing Sherry Goggin in one of my photo shoots. Worked out just fine, don’t you think!


Bigger Is Better!

Bigger Is Better!

You can see my photography full screen across your monitor. Bigger is better! Visit my website at

I also will be posting my photography here on my Blog that will also include my work that is way too revealing for Facebook. You can also Follow my Blog by clicking “Follow” in the lower right corner and putting in your e-mail address. Thanks and please do, it makes it all fun!


This Is What I Do…

This Is What I Do...

This is what I do… Take a moment to check it out and visit my website if you want to a see more! Thanks!