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Scared Away

Got there just in time to scare off the ghost before he or she drove away. Photo excursion this morning in Joshua Tree National Park.


No that is not some term used when astronauts maneuver in outer space. I am talking about the electronic viewfinder on the Fujifilm X-T2 camera I used yesterday in Joshua Tree National Park. However through the viewfinder on this camera, outer space would look incredible!

As a photographer, viewfinders have always been one of my very big important factors I consider in cameras. I really do not like looking on the back of screens, you can’t see them in bright sun anyway. I do not like sub-frame tiny viewfinders. And I have not been enthusiastic about electronic viewfinders. Although I have two Fujifilm X-T1’s and an X30.

Well the viewfinder on this X-T2 just blows me away every time I look through it. Big and bright, color and contrast are breathtaking. There is no blackout or lag at all when you are shooting even in high speed at 11 frames per second. So for that alone, I am very sold on this Fujifilm X Series camera. Most important however is the image quality which is also just incredible. Thank You Fujifilm! In my personal “viewfinder” this is a really important camera.

Rock Formation

Cholla Cactus Garden


Art Is On The Street

Sometimes the art is on the street, you only have to see it. I wonder what people 100 years from now would think of this scene in the photograph. That seems interesting to me. On Highway 62 in Joshua Tree CA.

Art Queen

On the street at Art Queen in Joshua Tree CA

Photo Shoot Vehicle

How about this for a photo excursion vehicle! Plenty of room for lots of gear, wardrobe changing or just a few guys out on a Route 66. Maybe the rest of the time I could be an Uber driver with it!

Photo Excursion Vehicle

Good Parking In Joshua Tree

Some people get just the best parking spots! One stop along the Hwy 62 Open Studios Art Tour yesterday. This is at Simi Dabah metalwork sculptures in Joshua Tree.

Palm Springs Photographs

As might be expected, I have a huge collection of amazingly unique and different photographs shot by me here in Palm Springs and around the area. People, places, landscapes, events, tourist spots, museums, restaurants, models, bodybuilders, fashion and more being added all the time. From anywhere from downtown Palm Springs to the SaltonĀ Sea and Joshua Tree, the entire region. My photographs have been featured in magazine travel features, advertising, fitness magazines and so much more here in the USA and around the world. Very soon I will be making these photographs available for immediate use and licensing in a searchable and viewable archive resource online. If you are the art director, photo editor, editor, publisher, public relations person or advertising creator please check back or send me an e-mail to to be updated when these photographs will go live and available. I think you will all be very pleased with what you will be seeing. I am also available for your special assignments within the region and elsewhere of course. I must say that I am very excited about thisĀ and additionally I must say, Thank You!