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Me – Street Photographer?

I always enjoyed seeing street photography. And I remember very well when I first liked doing it myself. It was in Budapest in 2013 and specifically shooting this photograph.
Walking Past Gucci Budapest


Everybody is looking at something or somebody. On Rodeo Drive.


Push Up Bra

I must have stood outside for 10 minutes and walked past this sign a few times trying to decide if I should go in and ask to see for myself. On Abbott Kinney Boulevard in Venice CA yesterday.

Push Up Bra

Art Is On The Street

Sometimes the art is on the street, you only have to see it. I wonder what people 100 years from now would think of this scene in the photograph. That seems interesting to me. On Highway 62 in Joshua Tree CA.

Art Queen

On the street at Art Queen in Joshua Tree CA

Paris Without The Jet Lag

As was said by my friend Matthew Frary from Hasselblad Bron. Montreal is like Paris without the jet lag. Loved it there! Great fun!

Ogilvy Pipers

Jeff McCarthy, Piper, at Ogilvy in Montreal Canada. Since the 1940’s a Bagpiper has played through the store honoring the store’s Scottish heritage. Much of the store is devoted to designer brands, however Ogilvy itself is a destination complete with a 300 seat oak paneled music hall on the top floor with a huge pipe organ. The history of Ogilvy is worth time reading and time to visit.

Back To School

Back to school in Montreal seems like it might be more fun than where I see parents go shopping.