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Secret Communication Device

A secret communication device known to very few. Activating the system requires special inserts seldom seen anymore. Accessing the target of the communication needs special numeric encoding. This device hiding in plain sight in downtown Los Angeles.

Warning Signs

Public art along El Paseo in Palm Desert California. I decided to call them “Warning Signs”.


A Chevrolet Fleetline parked on El Paseo in Palm Desert California. That is all I know. One thing about El Paseo is that you always see some fun cars. Classics, and I saw one red Ferrari, one black Ferrari, one black McLaren and as usual for Palm Desert, a few Bentley’s.

Back To School

Back To School needs have changed over the years. A street scene I photographed in Montreal Canada.

Train Station Budapest

A train station in Budapest I photographed on one of my days off from shooting on a motion picture for seven weeks.

A Favorite In Budapest

An all time favorite photo, accidentally had to be a selfie somewhat. I wanted to photograph and remember this photograph in the window of the then X6 Photo Gallery in Budapest. I love the original photo because of the scene, the car and the woman. My photo took in the photo, the reflection of the streets around the gallery and me. So many facets to this photo that just happened.

Photo Within A Photo

Me – Street Photographer?

I always enjoyed seeing street photography. And I remember very well when I first liked doing it myself. It was in Budapest in 2013 and specifically shooting this photograph.
Walking Past Gucci Budapest


Everybody is looking at something or somebody. On Rodeo Drive.


Push Up Bra

I must have stood outside for 10 minutes and walked past this sign a few times trying to decide if I should go in and ask to see for myself. On Abbott Kinney Boulevard in Venice CA yesterday.

Push Up Bra

Art Is On The Street

Sometimes the art is on the street, you only have to see it. I wonder what people 100 years from now would think of this scene in the photograph. That seems interesting to me. On Highway 62 in Joshua Tree CA.

Art Queen

On the street at Art Queen in Joshua Tree CA

Paris Without The Jet Lag

As was said by my friend Matthew Frary from Hasselblad Bron. Montreal is like Paris without the jet lag. Loved it there! Great fun!

Ogilvy Pipers

Jeff McCarthy, Piper, at Ogilvy in Montreal Canada. Since the 1940’s a Bagpiper has played through the store honoring the store’s Scottish heritage. Much of the store is devoted to designer brands, however Ogilvy itself is a destination complete with a 300 seat oak paneled music hall on the top floor with a huge pipe organ. The history of Ogilvy is worth time reading and time to visit.

Back To School

Back to school in Montreal seems like it might be more fun than where I see parents go shopping.

Montreal Canada

The Olympic Stadium above the Botanical Gardens in Montreal in Canada.

Money Saving Workout Wear For Women

This is a great idea! Why spend all that money on hot clingy workout wear to exercise in the park? This would be much more practical for women. At the Botanical Gardens in Montreal Canada.

Better Than Uber!

I have decided that this is my preferred way of getting around here in Montreal Canada.

Getting Good Parking In Montreal…

Even up here in Montreal Canada, if you have a really cool car they valet park your car right at the entrance.

Cadillac On Your Feet

Continuing photographing shoes but this time just a storefront window in Montreal Canada. I am thinking this is an old Cadillac rear fin motif and color. Pretty cool!

Catching Muscle Beach Fun With My Camera…

Chris Jantz looking serious as he pumps up in the workout Pit at Muscle Beach on July 4th. But now look past him to the right. I think she is enjoying her view of Chris from the other side. It has always been that way at Muscle Beach and along the Venice Beach Boardwalk. All part of the fun looking at the great bodies on men and women in the Southern California beach sun. I am just really happy that I caught some of that fun with my camera!

Looking Out Looking In

Walking along Palm Canyon Drive Saturday night taking some photographs. Are they looking out at us looking in? I even caught Mona Lisa cleverly disguised and watching the happenings on the street.

Mona Lisa In Disguise


Blue Girl

Big Red Hair

Cool Car And A Photo Shoot…

A very classic Ford on the streets of Palm Springs last weekend. I happened to see it and had to pull over and shoot a photo. Interesting that I saw a photo shoot going on just off the road down in a field among some scrub and bushes. I suspect this was their car. It looked like a photographer, an assistant holding a reflector and a model. The model did have her clothes on. I didn’t see the photographer but if this is your car or you know the photographer, just say Hi! I just want to say Cool Car! Thanks!

Classic Ford

Let’s See More Like This

Store window displays can be fun. But why don’t we see more people dressed like this with such great hair too. Be adventuresome I say! Along El Paseo in Palm Desert.

El Paseo Store Window

This Is A Big Car!

Here is a car you won’t usually see going though the drive thru for a burger. A Hudson Super 6. I am guessing that it is from the early 1950’s. This is a big car!

Hudson Motor Car

When I Saw Her I Had To Wonder…

When I saw her in the window I had to wonder what she was seeing. A sexy lingerie store in the Pearl District of Portland Oregon. Sometimes I find store windows very fascinating if you look beyond just what you are supposed to be seeing.

Who Is Looking At Who