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A Favorite In Budapest

An all time favorite photo, accidentally had to be a selfie somewhat. I wanted to photograph and remember this photograph in the window of the then X6 Photo Gallery in Budapest. I love the original photo because of the scene, the car and the woman. My photo took in the photo, the reflection of the streets around the gallery and me. So many facets to this photo that just happened.

Photo Within A Photo

Atomic Exotica and More…

Out Friday night on the streets of Palm Springs at the beginning of Modernism Week. LotsĀ of gallery shows and fun and people. Atomic Exotica was of the more exotica but everywhere was great and much to see!

Atomic Exotica

Jorge Mendez Gallery


Jazz At Shag

Eldorado AT Modernway

Kerson Gallery


Look Closely, Look Very Closely!

Look Closely, Look Very Closely!

Look closely, look very closely! A photograph I shot today at the Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach. A miniature reproduction of the original old Laguna Beach Art Gallery. Created by Margaret and Stanley Shepard, sculpted figures by Gail Hinman and the miniature art works signed by Laguna artists. For me, photography lets me explore more of the world, small and large. And I enjoy sharing it with my friends. Thanks!


Eduardo Carriazo at Archangel Gallery

Eduardo Carriazo at Archangel Gallery

An incredible sculpture by my friend, artist Eduardo Carriazo. From his showing currently at the Archangel Gallery in Palm Springs. One of his many pieces of his collection on display “Heresy and Inquisitions, what is true?”. Archangel Gallery has quickly become a must visit stop for the artwork and art events in Palm Springs. A wonderful space representing superb artists.