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“What Use Is Sitting Alone In Your Room…

She said “It is fun to think there are still places called the Kit Kat Club”. Of course thinking of the seedy Berlin cabaret in the 1930’s of Christopher Isherwood’s book which became  “Cabaret” the Broadway musical and movie. “What use is sitting alone in your room…”

Kit Kat Club

Naked She Turned From The Train…

Naked, she turned from the train leaving with only a cape from her hair flowing behind her.

The famous bronze statue Kvinneakt created by Norman J. Taylor seemingly turning and leaving the train in Portland Oregon. Kvinneakt means “nude woman” in Norwegian. Often the source of fun and controversy, public art that endures.

Kvinneakt Leaving The Train

It Is Everywhere!

There is magic around us everywhere! You only have to look and have your camera ready. A store window in downtown Portland Oregon.

Just Look For It

Just Along The Willamette

On a sunny Saturday morning, just walking along the Willamette River to the Portland Saturday Market. In Portland Oregon.

People Out Along The Willamette Reiver

Hung Far Low

A sign that speaks for itself in so many ways. In the Chinatown District in Portland Oregon.

Hung FarLow

A Tall Lovely Woman

Street art mural in downtown Portland Oregon.

Tall Woman Mural Street Art

Should I Pay The $8…

Do you think I should pay the $8.00 or park it myself? At the El Gaucho Restaurant in Portland Oregon.

Valet Parking Ferrari

My Own Selfie

My own Selfie. Myself and the city of Budapest captured with the photograph displayed in the window of the X6 Photo Edition Gallery in Budapest.

Photo Within A Photo


Sheer Black!

Sheer Black!

I love this and clothes that are edgy! I think this would make a great wedding dress LOL! Who wants to come shoot some edgy fashion with me? Send me a note to or on Facebook. This was in a store front in Laguna Beach. Window displays can be such fun!


Keep Off

Keep Off

Keep Off! There were a lot of firemen running along the beach and boardwalk yesterday in Laguna Beach. But somehow this was the only lifeguard who caught their attention. I am thinking she really needs that “Keep Off” sign!


Walk Around With Leica S2 And Nipple Alert!

Walk Around With Leica S2 And Nipple Alert!

A wonderful sculpture in front of the Elena Bulatova Gallery in Palm Springs. I did a walk of street photography yesterday with a Leica S2 Medium Format digital camera. For you photography folks out there, it is a 37.5 megapixel camera with the expected optics of Leica lenses. Certainly the most expensive camera I have ever used for street photography coming in at almost $30,000. Part of my week at the Palm Springs Photo Festival.

Nipple alert even on a sculpture, I only felt safe putting a censored version of this photograph on Facebook. Unfortunate because it really is a integral part of this art.


Kalura Trattoria – One of My Favorites

Kalura Trattoria - One of My Favorites

Looking out onto Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs the other night from the bar in one of my favorite restaurants, Kalura Trattoria.


A Public Display Of Affection

A Public Display Of Affection

A departure from my usual. A photograph as I was walking on the boardwalk at Venice Beach on Tuesday.


She Makes It Easy!

She Makes It Easy!

I have to apologize. You see Maria Bertrand makes it so easy for me to be a photographer. Just find a fun wall, ask her to stand there and it’s magic!