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Kiki The Cossack

Coming to a town near you! A giant movie lobby card for Billy Wilder’s “Irma La Douce” in 1963. At the Modernism Show Palm Springs 2017 yesterday in the display of Early California Antiques Gallery.

From the gallery website… Kiki was actress Grace Lee Whitney. She started out as a singer with Billie Holiday, Buddy Rich, Spike Jones and Fred Waring. However “Kiki” later became Yeoman Janice Rand in the original “Star Trek” television series and four of the “Star Trek” motion pictures. I sure remember her very well from all of those Star Treks. But “Kiki The Cossack” has it beat by a long way for me!

Kiki, The Cossack

That Palm Springs Sun

Modernism Week Palm Springs is coming up. What will you be wearing? The feel of that Palm Springs sun is like no other. Ask Séverine as she stood in front of my camera out by the pool.

Makeup and styling by the ever “Mod” Blanche LeBeau. Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. So Good!


60’s Hot From Mad Men

In the 60’s I just do not remember any women I saw who would have worn this and looked great in it! This is pretty hot! At the Mad Men exhibit at CAMP at Modernism Week Palm Springs. This is all actual props and wardrobe from the series.

Mad Men Display

The Mad Men Exhibit at Palm Springs Modernism Week CAMP


Wow Nice! A Studebaker Hawk yesterday at the Palm Springs Modernism Car Show.


“Free-Form 50’s Coffee Shop Architecture”

How many of you can reach back in your memory and see yourself sitting in a Bob’s Big Boy? I sure can. Such a memorable part of that 1950’s and 1960’s car culture so identified with Southern California. This Big Boy is in a storefront in the little community of Julian, California. One of many stops on a recent photo excursion. Photographed with my Hasselblad. Love that camera!

“Customers couldn’t get enough of Bob’s new creation. One fan in particular was a chubby six year old boy in droopy overalls. He would often help Bob sweep up in exchange for a free burger. In honor of his young friend, Wian decided to name the better burger the Big Boy. Another regular customer, a movie animator, sketched the now famous character on a napkin.” –

A Ghost Of A Range Rover And A FujiFilm x30

The last day of Modernism Week here in Palm Springs yesterday. I thought this “ghost” of this Range Rover Evoque really visually intriguing and it photographed really intriguing as well. Speaking of intriguing, I was trying out the new FujiFilm x30 camera. A small rangefinder camera style, it produces wonderful image quality and color accuracy. Very impressive!

Range Rover Evoque Ghost

Land Rover Boots

Modernism Week Tour Bus

The Classic Dash Inside

Yesterday at the Vintage Car Show as part of Modernism Week in Palm Springs. Inside some of the vintage classic cars on display. I thought it might be fun to photograph the dashboard on these great cars. Do you remember any of them or the looks?

Inside An Avanti Inside A Buick Inside A Chrysler Inside A Chrysler Imperial Inside A Mercury Inside A Thunderbird

Dessert, Infinity, Hamburger And A Security Guard…

Some of the fun art at the Palm Springs Modernism Show and the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair on Sunday. Can you figure out some of what you are seeing? There is even a view of me. Dessert Threesome Infinity On The Wall Infinity On A Tabletop Olive & Wimpy Guard On Duty

Atomic Exotica and More…

Out Friday night on the streets of Palm Springs at the beginning of Modernism Week. Lots of gallery shows and fun and people. Atomic Exotica was of the more exotica but everywhere was great and much to see!

Atomic Exotica

Jorge Mendez Gallery


Jazz At Shag

Eldorado AT Modernway

Kerson Gallery

Palm Springs Fine Art Fair

At the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair VIP opening on Thursday night. Scenes and art I found interesting and fun. I did mention to the woman in front of the art sign that I did not believe for one moment that she was a “bad texter”.

Good Lay Bad Texter

Palm Springs Fine Art Fair

Palm Springs Fine Art Fair

Palm Springs Fine Art Fair

hPalm Springs Fine Art Fair

Palm Springs Fine Art Fair

Naughty Booty

Palm Springs Fine Art Fair

Palm Springs Fine Art Fair

Perfect Baby


“Pucci Girl” Modernism

“Pucci Girl” what a wonderful way to close out Modernism Week here in Palm Springs. A photograph I shot on the opening night of the Fine Art Fair of this wonderful painting by Sherry Wolf represented by Imago Galleries. To me “Pucci Girl” represents the great fun of Modernism, the look of the 1960’s Go Go women, the colors, the music. By the way, Emilio Pucci was a clothing designer who very much created the iconic look of the time. If any of you want to do a 1960’s sexy edgy photo shoot with me, let me know!


Edgy Like I LIke…

Edgy Like I LIke...

Something I might think of photographing for an edgy editorial shoot. A model on her knees perhaps lost in a more pleasurable thought or place. Somewhat erotic while still being fully dressed.

But no! My photograph of the hyper realistic art of Marc Sijan. Life size sculpture indistinguishable from a model I might actually have before the camera. Amazing imagination and talent!

Photographed on opening night at the Fine Arts Fair in Palm Springs for Modernism Week.


“Danger Diabolik”

Marisa Mel in the 1968 French-Italian cult action film “Danger Diabolik”. Running last night at Design 849 for their Mad Mod Moderno party last night including pop-art works by Izayah based on the 60’s “Diabolik” comic books. Absolutely a great time! And YES I love this dress. Who wants to wear one like that in front of my cameras?


It’s A Go Go!

It's A Go Go!

A Go Go Dancer working it! In the front window at Design 849 in Palm Springs for Modernism Week. What a fun place last night!


Cafe Or Restrooms?

Cafe Or Restrooms?

It was great fun to go to the opening night “VIP” party for the Palm Springs Modernism Week Fine Art Fair. Lots to look at, 3500 great looking and interesting people. Complimentary wine and beverages and full bars. But somehow I do not think, no matter how much I might drink, that I might get one confused for the other.


Her Gaze Met Mine…

Her Gaze Met MIne...

As soon as her gaze met mine I knew I was destined to be behind the wheel of this 1958 Lincoln Continental and driving off to travel the California coast. At the vintage auto show for Palm Springs Modernism Week yesterday. Anybody else want to jump in my car with my camera in hand?


1950 Pontiac Catalina

1950 Pontiac Catalina

A 1950 Pontiac Catalina today at the vintage car show for Palm Springs Modernism Week.


Modernism And Color

Modernism And Color

Store window display last night on Palm Canyon Drive during Palm Springs Modernism Week.