Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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At One With The Tree

Maria Bertrand in Guess by Marciano. Along Mulholland Drive above Beverly Hills. We did slow down traffic that day.

Woven Into The Tree

The scenic road along Mulholland Drive made much more scenic by Maria Bertrand. From our photo shoot. The dress, so flawlessly woven into the tree by Maria, GUESS by Marciano. Photographed on Hasselblad digital.
Maria Bertrand

Don’t Tell Her

I am keeping this a secret. I think my buddy Maria Bertrand is one of the most incredibly gorgeous women I have ever known. As many times I have seen her in front of my cameras I have never been left with anything but without words. Photo shoot notes… Hasselblad digital camera system. The dress is Guess by Marciano. Off Mulholland Drive above Beverly Hills.

Maria Bertrand

A Guess First

It was July last year when a so very gorgeous Maria Bertrand was photographed by me in this beautiful dress by Marciano by Guess. It looks like Guess decided that it was so beautiful on Maria that they had to put it on Gigi Hadid for their billboards and magazine ads.


Maria Bertrand Photographed along Mulholland Drive by me with my Hasselblad. Gigi Hadid for Guess.

Only Made More Scenic

The scenic road along Mulholland Drive made much more scenic by Maria Bertrand. From our photo shoot. The dress, so very beautiful on Maria is Guess by Marciano. Photographed on Hasselblad.

My Mulholland Drive Tour Guide

My Mulholland Drive tour guide for the day. Maria Bertrand told me she had some good photo shoot locations in mind and wow was she right. And wow is she gorgeous! We did a few different looks for a few different themes to go with magazine feature stories and more. Here she is in a Guess by Marciano dress that was just made for her. Or maybe she was made for that dress! Just perfect! All photographed on Hasselblad which is why you are seeing so much detail in the fabric of that dress, the perfect colors and skin tones and the looks like you are there feel to the photograph. Also just perfect!