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Helmut Newton Budapest

My favorite photographer, Helmut Newton. His work was unique, creative, original, as well as often erotic and termed “Porno Chic”. April 2013, I arrived in Budapest to be the special stills photographer on a motion picture.

As the studio car drove me from the airport through Heroes Square to my hotel, we passed the Museum Of Fine Arts. I said to myself, my first day off, I would go see this Helmut Newton Exhibit. Indeed I did! It was a huge exhibit including some of his more commercial fashion work in color. Huge prints in beautiful color it was. A great start for what was seven weeks for me in Budapest.

The Helmut Newton Photography exhibit at the Museum Of Fine Arts in Heroes Square Budapest

Selfies And Photographers And Artists

As I mentioned yesterday, I like seeing selfies, they are fun. The one I posted yesterday was more fun than selfie but I like the photography. Anyway it got me to thinking of famous photographers and artists who have done selfies long before they were selfies. This is one of my favorites from one of my most admired photographers, Helmut Newton. And that is his wife June watching the shoot session. Some people thought it so odd that she was okay with him being around so many beautifulĀ naked women.


The Photographer I Most Admire…

I am often asked which photographer I most admire as a photographer myself. The first person I always say is this man, Helmut Newton. His work ranged from erotic to kinky to fashion to scenes of life. Published in all of the finest magazines around the world as well as having photographed endless ad campaigns, he sought to photograph what he wanted to photograph and let the world accept what he did or not. He passed away in 2004 at the age of 83 but exhibits of his work are continuing to be shown in museums around the world. Google Helmut Newton when you have time and take a look. This is my photograph of a poster for an exhibit of his works last year atĀ The Annenberg Space for Photography. Thanks!

Helmut Newton