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Training With A Fitness Trainer

When I do these videos for Palm Springs Fitness Center, it is interesting to hear the comments made by the training clients. There is many a commonality. One thing that I do hear over and over is how happy they are to train with a trainer and what a difference it is made for them.

A different workout method with trainer Dan Partridge with his client Ed. Take a few minutes hear and see what they have to say about it.

And how many of us have said this to ourselves? Ed said that without a trainer… “I found that getting myself to the gym was difficult to do, because I always had other things to do”.

“I have a little bit more limited schedule, we’re doing supersets, so we’re doing 30 minutes, but it is more intensive for 30 minutes. It is a better workout than I have ever gotten.” – Ed

Don’t Doubt It…

Don’t doubt for one second that even if you are a beautiful woman I won’t make you work it in the gym for our photo shoot!¬†Tiffany Forni¬†from our photo shoot for her feature as the Iron Man Magazine,, BodySpace Physique of the Month. The great Makeup and Hair Styling byNatalie Lyle. Thanks!

Tiffany Forni