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Nude, Instant & Fit

From our photo shoot with the gorgeous 56 year old Tammy Neslund. She is one incredibly fit Grandma and certainly a role model to be nude in our shoot. Love these throw back look instant print photographs with a Fujifilm Instax camera. The wonderful makeup by Estee Lauder featured artist Blanche LeBeau. At the Coachella Movie Ranch.

Tammy Neslund Car Nude 1-sm


Tammy Neslund, age 56, mother of two and grandmother. Being fit and healthy is better and is the fountain of youth!

From our photoshoot at the Coachella Movie Ranch. Makeup and styling with Estee Lauder featured artist Blanche Lebeau. Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Thanks!

Tammy Neslund At 56

Training With A Fitness Trainer

When I do these videos for Palm Springs Fitness Center, it is interesting to hear the comments made by the training clients. There is many a commonality. One thing that I do hear over and over is how happy they are to train with a trainer and what a difference it is made for them.

A different workout method with trainer Dan Partridge with his client Ed. Take a few minutes hear and see what they have to say about it.

And how many of us have said this to ourselves? Ed said that without a trainer… “I found that getting myself to the gym was difficult to do, because I always had other things to do”.

“I have a little bit more limited schedule, we’re doing supersets, so we’re doing 30 minutes, but it is more intensive for 30 minutes. It is a better workout than I have ever gotten.” – Ed

They Lost 70 Pounds

Another fun video segment I did for Palm Springs Fitness Center. I love telling these real stories with real people on their fitness journey.

Middle Rear Delt

“This is an angle that enables you to target the middle and mid rear deltoid. The more angles that are targeted the more complete the development. It’s the middle rear delt that can be overlooked.”

– A more advanced training tip from IFBB Figure Pro, Ava Cowan. From a magazine workout series photographed by me right here at Palm Springs Fitness Center. Thanks!



My latest video for Palm Springs Fitness Center, my favorite gym by the way! With trainer Bill Bunchak.

Fitness Journey Transformation

I photographed and wrote a monthly feature for in Iron Man Magazine about some wonderful people on their fitness journey. It went on for three years and this story with Juliet Banks was the last. But way up there as one of the most wonderful! Photographed at my favorite gym, Palm Springs Fitness Center. Thanks!


Juliet Banks spent her time devoted to helping others with very special needs. And indeed her own family had very special needs as well. It took a toll on her own health and well being. But there came a time when she realized that she would not be able to help anyone if she didn’t do something about helping herself.

Juliet never wanted to share her story, too ashamed about where she had been. But her involvement in the fitness world brought her to being selected for a feature as the BodySpace Physique Of The Month.

Peaceful Poolside

A moment of peace and harmony poolside with the ever so heavenly Catherine Kwong here in Palm Springs. Makes everything so much better!

Catherine Kwong

Makeup and hair styling by the so very talented Natalie Lyle. Photographed with my Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Only the best!


New Again!

Seen by billions! Well maybe not billions, but for sure my most seen photograph ever. Certainly one of the most seen photographs in all of bodybuilding and fitness. “Renee Kissing The Egg”. Photographed by me for my good friends Egg Whites International. The best and most successful pure liquid egg whites on the market. None better!

“Renee Kissing The Egg” now the main attraction on their latest version of trade show booth at this weekend’s Anaheim FitExpo. It is also roll- up banners, the product brochure and has been their van wrap. This photograph for Egg Whites International is now in it’s second decade. How fun is that!


It Happens Above The Ears!

I really like this photograph of Chris Polityka we did at the Power Of Fitness gym the other day. It shows what I have been saying for years and what Chris promotes as well. If you want to be healthy, look good, be fit, it happens above your ears. Listen to these stupid talk show diets or go into the gym and just pretend that you know what you are doing and you will just stay fat and look the fool why you are at it. So seek out people like Chris who know what they are doing, go to a real gym and get some help like at Power of Fitness, and continue your journey above your ears. That is how you do it!

Chris Polityka

Chris Polityka at Power of Fitness gym. Photography by Ian L. Sitren. Photographed on Hasselblad. Lighting by broncolor. Only the best!

Over 40 Fit & Healthy

Chris Polityka told me that he wanted people to see that with good nutrition and exercise that is just good fun, after 40, you can look good and live healthy. That’s his business at MacrosEdge and I would suggest you check it out. From what I can see from our all day photo shoot, Chris has succeeded!

Chris Polityka

Chris Polityka photographed by Ian L. Sitren on Hasselblad digital. Only the best!

Photo Shoot Perfect

What a perfect photo shoot day! First off Chris Polityka. The guy looks outstanding! A worked out, all around healthy athlete kind of look. I had the guy hiking, running, jogging and later in the day pounding iron in the gym. And none of those pastel colored pretty weights either. He did it! And any guy who shoots with me will tell you that you don’t just get to stand around looking pretty on my photo shoots.

Then I must say we had one of those may perfect days we get in Palm Springs. Warm, beautiful skies, great scenery. Great sunlight too! Could not have been better.

I also have to say I love the camera I am shooting with here in this behind the scenes photo. Hasselblad digital, only the best!

Photo Shoot with Chris Polityka

Behind the scenes – photo shoot at desert windmill farms with Chris Polityka

Sharing Is Good

Ava Cowan, one of the preeminent women in the world of fitness, shared a photograph on Facebook from one of our photo shoots. So I thought I would share it back. Because she is just too outstanding for words!



It is dedication in all walks of life that makes us not just look good but to also be a better self. And in turn makes those better around us as well. Greg Tully from our photo shoot.

Photographed on Hasselblad. Only the best.

I Am A Shawn Fan!

I am a fan! Shawn Towne is a 48 year old Mom of three. I first saw her in photographs of billboards of her around Las Vegas as the model for Camille Flawless Haute Couture. And before too long, in front of my camera, I saw the incredible body she has built, but was hidden under those elegant dresses. Shawn had never been packing any muscle and was sixty pounds over weight at her first pregnancy. No More! Now I would call her role model. Go visit her Facebook page at Shawn Towne Modeling and just maybe we will be seeing more of her!

From our photo shoot at City Athletic Club in Las Vegas. Makeup and Hair Styling by Christine Copeland. My assistant and fashion and posing coach, Jennifer Chamberlin. Thank You!

Photo shoot with model Shawn Towne. Additional model Chaun T. Williams.

Behind The Scenes With You…

You could be looking at behind the scenes photographs of my photo shoot with you. These are from one of my shoots with the more than beautiful and wonderful Stacey Naito. This is the time that I am really giving a lot of thought to my planning for photo shoots for the coming year just around the corner. Of course I will continue to do my photography in bodybuilding and fitness whether in the gym, in the pool, or on location. I am also continuing to expand my shooting more directed to lifestyle features, edgy and nude fashion, editorial and advertising. And as I have always said, I reserve the right to photograph anything I find fun and interesting. So if you want to be a part of any of those concepts, genres and ideas or just want to get in on the fun and interesting, it is time to send me an e-mail to with what you are thinking and let’s chat about it. Thanks! Behind The Scenes With Stacey Naito Behind The Scenes With Stacey Naito Behind The Scenes With Stacey Naito Behind The Scenes With Stacey Naito Behind The Scenes With Stacey Naito

She Is Actually Real!

When Ashley Owens Gulina is in front of my cameras sometimes I just laugh because I can’t believe that someone so incredibly gorgeous actually exists in the real world. The Makeup and Hair Styling that makes it even better, by Natalie Lyle.

Ashley Owens Guilna

Totally My Hero!

Jennifer Henry is totally my hero! None so few have come up from so low in their life to overcome adversity. Now she stands gym built and healthy lifestyle strong to compete on the fitness and bodybuilding stages. Go check out her Facebook page and learn more about Jennifer. I promise you will be inspired and motivated! From our photo shoot.

Jennifer Henry

She Lives A Life Of Fitness

She lives a life of fitness in so many ways. So Duyen Ariss in front of my camera after competing in the Las Vegas Classic just recently was the place to be! I have known her for some time now and she looks better than ever. Lifting iron and eating right does a body good and I must tell you that for Duyen, she looks 20 years younger than her actual age. She also has the biggest smile and a laugh that is there all the time. Ok I love her! But her husband Carlos Ariss knows it and he is a good guy too! Thanks!!

Duyen Ariss

And Then 52 Years Later…

Over 52 years after the photograph I posted yesterday (below) and I am still photographing beautiful women in front of water falls. Although photographingAshley Owens Gulina anywhere works just fine! But she does make a wonderful water feature!

Makeup and Hair Styling by the wonderfully talented Natalie Lyle. Thank You!

Ashley Owens Guilna

Rule #1

Rule #1 in my photo shoots is have fun. Rule #2 in my photo shoots is see Rule #1. And having fun with Sharon Lim at the Palm Springs Air Museum was what we did. Looking outstanding in that fit body hugging dress with our airplane du jour, a 1946 Boeing Stearman is just too perfect! Big Thanks to Natalie Lyle for our outstanding Makeup and Hair Styling.

An Aviatrix Of Fitness