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Iron – The Best Supplement

My favorite supplement has always been Iron! Lifted, pushed, pulled, and curled. Typically in as much weight as I could handle. One of the reasons I have always liked Palm Springs Fitness Center as my gym… 150lb dumbbells. Always needed them for one arm back rows.

Pro Bodybuilder and United States Marine Xavisus Gayden​ from one of our photo shoots. Thanks!

Bodybuilders Xavisus Gayden working out during our photo shoot in the gym

Doing It Right

From one of my photo shoots with the incredible Doug Brignole. This guy really knows what he is doing! One of the foremost experts on weight training and exercise on the planet. At Palm Springs Fitness Center.


Heavy Lifting

Some heavy lifting in a magazine photo shoot I did with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Daniel Hill. At Palm Springs Fitness Center.

Bodybuilder Daniel Hill


Training With A Fitness Trainer

When I do these videos for Palm Springs Fitness Center, it is interesting to hear the comments made by the training clients. There is many a commonality. One thing that I do hear over and over is how happy they are to train with a trainer and what a difference it is made for them.

A different workout method with trainer Dan Partridge with his client Ed. Take a few minutes hear and see what they have to say about it.

And how many of us have said this to ourselves? Ed said that without a trainer… “I found that getting myself to the gym was difficult to do, because I always had other things to do”.

“I have a little bit more limited schedule, we’re doing supersets, so we’re doing 30 minutes, but it is more intensive for 30 minutes. It is a better workout than I have ever gotten.” – Ed

An Office Day For Me

One of my typical days in the office. Here with bodybuilders Grant Pieterse, Jake Sawyer and Xavisus Gayden. I wonder how many times and for how long I made them hold that bicep curl.

Bodybuilders Xavisus Gayden, Grant Pieterse and Jake Sawyer working out during our photo shoot in the gym

Bodybuilders Grant Pieterse, Jake Sawyer and Xavisus Gayden at Power of Fitness.

Two Guys And The Ferrigno

These two guys have been hitting the gym at Palm Springs Fitness and getting ready. Travis Ely has walked away with a few bodybuilding trophies now and on his way in his best shape ever. Aaron Cruz is doing his very first show in Physique and has come a real long way down almost sixty pounds and cut up! The Lou Ferrigno Legacy Competition this weekend in Palm Springs California.

Travis Ely and Aaron Cruz

Travis Ely Working Out

Aaron Cruz Posing Practice

Iron Man Magazine Naturally Determined

Travis Ely is determined coming into his second time at the NPC Iron Man Naturally bodybuilding competition this Saturday. In conjunction with the huge Los Angeles FitExpo this is great kickoff for his next year of competition and accomplishment. You can see Ely giving every inch of concentration as he listens to posing refinements from Jake Sawyer. Along with some last minute diet tweaks from Jake, between now and Saturday morning Ely will look ripped and refined when he steps on stage. So come on out and see the show, I will be there, camera in hand. And take in the FitExpo on Saturday and Sunday at the Los Angeles Convention Center. One of the biggest fitness events in the country!

Jake Sawyer Coaching Travis Ely

Travis Ely

Travis Ely

You Were Thinking…

The incredible arms of the incredible Doug Brignole. I know, you were thinking I only photograph women.

Doug Brignole

Want To Lose 5 Pounds Today?

Want to lose 5 pounds today? Throw your scale away! My friend Duyen Arissshared the best comparison ever. In the left photo she weighs 113 pounds. Two years later she weighs 113 pounds. That is two years of eating good real food and lifting iron in the gym. I wonder how many women for two years have been on one “diet” or another and been bouncing around in some group class trying to lose 5 pounds. And the wrong 5 pounds at that! By the way, in that photo on the right, Duyen is 40 years old. Outstanding!

Duyen Ariss


That Natalie Can Run A Photo Shoot!

That Natalie Can Run A Photo Shoot!

I let Natalie Lyle run my some of my photo shoots now. She really knows how to keep people in line and doing what I need to make it all look good. Here she is gently explaining to Jonathan Rude how to slow down and squeeze on each rep so I can get some good shots. Natalie runs a tight ship! Jonathan got it right! Natalie is the incredible Makeup and Hair Stylist on so many of my photo shoots for years.


Ashley Is A Good Reason To Go To The Gym!

Ashley Is A Good Reason To Go To The Gym!

And your excuse for not going to the gym was? Ashley Owens Gulina is a good excuse to go to the gym! This time for me to shoot some photographs, maybe for others to work out extra long to just look at her!

Actually a photograph like this in the gym has a lot of parts. First of course there is Ashley. The woman is just beautiful! Next is my Makeup and Hair Stylist Natalie Lyle. Look at the wonderful work she did with Ashley! And Natalie is one hot beautiful woman herself. The gym owner thought I had brought two models not knowing Natalie was the MUA on the shoot. But as Natalie said yesterday “I love doing makeup!”.

Next a big Thanks to Joe Norton, the owner of Power Of Fitness in Palm Desert California. A big beautiful spacious gym with lots of new equipment and a great fun atmosphere. It is really a great gym to workout and just be there!

Then there is my assistant Clyde Sawyer who carries everything, moves the lights, works as my portable voice operated reflection blocker and generally makes it all work.

Ok so now go back to looking at Ashley and catch up with her at her gym up in Rancho Cucamonga or see who else might be showing up at Power of Fitness with me! Thanks!


Doing Good!

Doing Good!

A big shout out to my friend Marc-arthur Dautruchee. He made his way to stand on the Arnold stage this past weekend and did good! This guy is impressive and has a lot of heart. We are going to be seeing a lot more of Marc! He also impressed the crowd working out in the pit at Muscle Beach over the Summer. Good thing I had a camera!


Working Those Legs!

Working Those Legs!

I just love Sasha Brown in the gym in front of my cameras. She makes it look all too good! This is also one my all time favorite gym photographs I have ever shot. And I have shot plenty!