Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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Gasp In Awe

There are those who know how to captivate the camera. You look through the viewfinder and as they move hit the pose, you slightly gasp in awe and press the shutter button. Such is Maria Bertrand.
Makeup and Hair Styling by the incredibly talented Blanche LeBeau. Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Always the best! Thanks!
Maria Bertrand

Looking At Her Looking At You

Look away, no you just can’t. Even when you do, you still see her looking at you. This gorgeous woman, Amber Flowers in our photo shoot. She also created her makeup, hair and wardrobe styling. One incredibly talented and beautiful individual.

Photo shoot notes… Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Only the best!

Amber Flowers

Come Shoot With Me!

Already booking up for January! So who wants to come shoot with me? Your portfolio in the gym? That poolside sexy shoot for your book? Dramatic wardrobe changes in a sea of black background. Maybe some special location, windmills, desert, vintage aircraft? Also your head shots which will be really affordable! Unlikely I will wear the bowtie. But I do have much better camera and lighting equipment now! Only the best! Send me a note and Thanks!



Never Enough

I can never get enough of photographs with Maria Bertrand. So I thought I would try four of this one!

Maria Bertrand

Model Maria Bertrand. Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle. Photography by Ian L. Sitren.

My Favorite Body-Part Of A Woman…

You know how it is, I get asked if I am a “leg man” or whatever. Well, I am a face man. Emily Hayworth at the 2014 Palm Springs Photo Festival. Photographed by me using a Phase One IQ250 camera and Schneider LS 110mm f/2.8 lens. I added a little creativity for a more dramatic and dreamy look.

Emily Hayworth