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Good Shoes

She told me the shoes were actually very comfortable and easy to walk in. I do have the best luck with models named Maria.

Always Pool Weather

It is almost always pool weather here in Palm Springs. Model and styling by Amber Flowers.

Those Red Shoes

She told me they were actually easy to wear and walk in. I sure do have the best luck with tall models named Maria!

Photo shoot notes… Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting.

All Torn Up

Best use of thrift shop fashion ever. Styled and torn up by model Ambers Flowers. Studio photo shoot with a Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Thanks!

Gasp In Awe

There are those who know how to captivate the camera. You look through the viewfinder and as they move hit the pose, you slightly gasp in awe and press the shutter button. Such is Maria Bertrand.
Makeup and Hair Styling by the incredibly talented Blanche LeBeau. Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Always the best! Thanks!
Maria Bertrand

A Good Way To Start Monday

A good way to start a Monday. With Ashley Owens Gulina and Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle. I stayed out of the water, not good for the cameras!

Ashley Owens Gulina

Not Much To Say

The photographs of Randalene Sergent from our photo shoots are just fine without saying much about them. What do you think?

Randalene Sergent

Randalene Sergent with Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle. Photography by Ian L. Sitren.

No Special Reason Required

I have no special reason to post a photograph of Ashley Owens Gulina from one of our photo shoots other than she is one of the most stunningly beautiful women I have ever had in front of my cameras. The superb Makeup and Hair Styling by the wonderful Natalie Lyle.

Ashley Owens Gulina

A Helping Hand

Photo shoots can be so busy that it is always good to have an extra hand. Especially when we could not let a totally gorgeous and very fit Katie Madden participate in getting us in trouble on Social Media. Makeup and Hair Styling by the Notorious Natalie Lyle. Photographed on a Hasselblad camera. Only the best!

A Difference You Can See

A close up from the photograph in the corner of model Kristen Dugas. Photographed by me just recently with a Hasselblad H5D-50c camera and Broncolor lighting with the Broncolor Para 133 reflector. This was during the Hasselblad Bron ProSolutions Tour at Edge Studios in Los Angeles.

Now look at the details of her beautiful face. Look at the detail in just the pupil of her eye, the pure and perfect colors, the real life skin tone and hair color. Look at the color and detail of her lips. This is what a photograph looks like when it is shot right and especially with such amazing camera and lighting equipment.

So very many of you are showing photographs that are so terribly bad. I know you shot with a part time photographer who says he is a pro, but it is to your detriment. No matter how many “Likes” you might happen to get because the photographer had you bend over in some juvenile sexual imagination of a pose. It is just that nobody ever showed you what is good and what is not. It does not serve you well if you are a model or fitness model trying to build your career when you have these photographs with your completely flattened out skin that looks like plastic and more bright orange than anything else. It does not serve you well when the bikini you are wearing looks brown and your clothing sponsor sent you a green one. It does not serve you well when your white shirt looks like just a big bright white out area when here should be lace visible or fine fabric. It does not serve you well when you actually look at the photo and it is just plain out of focus! We see so much bad photography that it has become the normal.

I could go on and on but feel free to send me any questions or inquiries you might have to my e-mail at Whether you are a model or an advertiser or a magazine or otherwise depend on quality photography I just want to see you do better. And I can do that!


Had my martial arts instructor looked like Stacey Naito when he wielded a Katana, I dare say I would still be training with him. This woman is so gorgeous! From our photo shoot. With Makeup and Hair styling by the wonderful and very fun Blanche LeBeau.

Just Wonderful!

There are so many wonderful’s here in this photograph but I will start with Katie Madden. She is just incredibly gorgeous and has built herself a beautiful fit body. A health and fitness professional she actually started in fitness at the age of 42. I first photographed and interviewed her at the NPC Nationals competition in Miami 9 years ago. Now are you ready for this… Katie in my pool here in Palm Springs for this photo shoot on Monday at the age of 56!

The next wonderful is the Makeup and Hair Styling by my ever present Natalie Lyle. She never ceases to do wonderful work and brings a trusted professionalism to every one of our photo shoots!

And another wonderful is Hasselblad. A historic name in camera systems that has seen work in the finest fashion houses, in the hands of the most famous photographers and has even seen Outer Space and the Moon. Now in my hands producing a realism, perfect colors and skin tones and the definition that I have always wanted to see in my photographs. Don’t be fooled, lesser is not just as good.