Photography by Ian L. Sitren

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USAF Thunderbirds

When I was a kid, it was the United States Air Force Thunderbirds that captured my imagination. Guess they still do! Photographed by me at the Reno Air Races 2019.


USAF Thunderbirds At Reno

Just over a week ago at the Reno Air Races. The United States Air Force Thunderbirds brought incredible excitement and aerial precision. Daily their lengthy demonstrations roared over the crowd demanding unwavering attention. Although I shot plenty of photographs, sometimes I would just watch in awe. It was simply breathtaking!




Maybe Another F-16?

The question came up yesterday about whether or not the United States Air Force might bring me another F-16 to Muscle Beach for the big Memorial Day show. Well maybe they did not bring it out just for me and Lisa Marino Sanders last year. But I think it is a good thing to do. What do you think?

Lisa Marino Sanders at Venice Beach

It Started With Way More Than A Bang!

I was going to talk about Summer highlights starting with a bang with Lisa Marino Sanders. But that was no bang, that was an explosion! Our photo shoot at Muscle Beach/Venice getting to use a United States Air Force F-16 and shooting along the famous Venice Beach boardwalk. We were often mobbed and stopped every inch of the way by tourists wanting photos of Lisa or selfies with her. It was too fun and Lisa is nothing but incredible! A big Thanks to Natalie Lyle for makeup and hair styling that gave her that star quality all day! Outstanding!! Lisa Marino Sanders at Venice Beach


A Real F-16 At Muscle Beach!

A Real F-16 At Muscle Beach!

I knew it was coming, but it was a secret, a big secret. A real F-16 jet fighter courtesy of the United States Air Force at Muscle Beach at Venice Beach for the big show tomorrow. Very Cool!