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The 4th!

4th of July! I have to try this jumping out of an airplane soon.


C-17 Globemaster & Fujifilm X-H1

Nothing says March Air Reserve Base as much as these giant C-17 Globemasters! Doing a fly by over the weekend for the for the 2018 March Field Air Show.

I was there with the Palm Springs Air Museum. You would have seen us flying the aircraft that was the “Globe Master” of it’s time, our C-47 “What’s Up Doc?”.

Great fun shooting with the latest Fujifilm X-H1 camera body with power grip/booster and the super telephoto Fujifilm 100-400mm lens. Thanks!

F-102 Restoration

The restoration crew at the Palm Springs Air Museum are nothing short of magicians. This F-102 “Delta Dagger” sat in a forest for 40 years. This entire rear section has been re-created from jigs and templates that were 3-D printed from a survey of an intact F-102. Standing next to it up close made me think two things… First, now it almost looks like it just rolled off the assembly line. Second, it is a much bigger aircraft than I had realized. Especially having seen it on a truck when it first arrived at the Museum some time back.

The Convair F-102 “Delta Dagger” was the Interceptor that served as the backbone of the United States Air Force. It entered service in 1956 and 1,000 were built, designed to intercept invading Soviet strategic bomber fleets during the Cold War. In various versions, it had a top speed of Mach 1.22 and a service ceiling of 56,000 ft. The F-102 served in Vietnam, flying fighter patrols and serving as bomber escorts, finally retiring from USAF service in 1976. There are no flying F-102s in existence today.

By the way, The first operational service of the F-102A was with the 327th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron at George Air Force Base, near Victorville, right here in Southern California in April 1956. I am looking forward to seeing the completion of this F-102 and it making it’s permanent home not far from it’s beginnings. Very exciting!






Before Photo Courtesy of the Palm Springs Air Museum


USAF Flyover At Muscle Beach!

A giant United States Air Force C-17 Globemaster III does a flyover at Muscle Beach to open the big International Classic bodybuilding and fitness show for Memorial Day 2015. Really something to see and hear! And it only happens at the Memorial Day show at the real Muscle Beach/Venice! A big Thank You to Ken H. Goode Jr.​ and the great people at March Air Reserve Base for making this happen!

‘What’s Up Doc?”

The C-47 World War II Transport “What’s Up Doc?” doing some qualifying air time flying overhead yesterday. The tail section and wings are marked with the D-Day Invasion Stripes that identified Allied aircraft. Out of the Palm Springs Air Museum and on the way to the Air Show in El Centro California for this coming weekend.

C-47 "What's Up Doc?"C-47 "What's Up Doc?"

Bored And Sipping On Your Frothy Coffee

Just imagine sitting over there in the passenger terminal waiting for your flight, slightly bored, sipping on your frothy coffee when you see this come in for a landing! Just WOW! The World’s only still flying B-29 coming in to the Palm Springs Air Museum. I really urge you not to miss the opportunity to go see “FiFi”! You can tour the interior, watch her fly or even fly on board. One of those “once in a lifetime”!

B-29 Fifi

“FiFi” Ain’t No Dame!

“FiFi” is the World’s only still flying B-29 Superfortress. Flown at the end of World War II, it was B-29’s that dropped the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There were 3,970 built and “FiFi” is the only one still flying as you can see in my photographs with her coming in to the Palm Springs Air Museum yesterday. You can go see this immense historic aircraft yourself through Sunday. Not only can you just go and look but you can tour the interior or even book a flight. But do not miss the opportunity to see this incredible part of history!

B-29 Fifi

B-29 Fifi

B-29 Fifi

B-29 Fifi B-29 Fifi B-29 Fifi

It Started With Way More Than A Bang!

I was going to talk about Summer highlights starting with a bang with Lisa Marino Sanders. But that was no bang, that was an explosion! Our photo shoot at Muscle Beach/Venice getting to use a United States Air Force F-16 and shooting along the famous Venice Beach boardwalk. We were often mobbed and stopped every inch of the way by tourists wanting photos of Lisa or selfies with her. It was too fun and Lisa is nothing but incredible! A big Thanks to Natalie Lyle for makeup and hair styling that gave her that star quality all day! Outstanding!! Lisa Marino Sanders at Venice Beach

How Do You Get Your F-16 Home After Your Photo Shoot?

What do you do after you do your photo shoot in a United States Air Force F-16 at Muscle Beach? You load it in the truck and take it home with you! Although Lisa Marino Sanders did find out that valet parking at her hotel until she left was going to be somewhat of a problem. Last we talked she was looking at having it flown in to her at home. From our photo shoot at world famous Muscle Beach at Venice Beach.And a day of superb Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle!

 Lisa Marino Sanders at Venice Beach


From The Air At Muscle Beach!

This is really fun! Early in the day at the Memorial Day show at Muscle Beach. Later in the day would have been fun to see as well because the stands were jammed, the boardwalk was filled with people as was the booth areas, the beach and around that Air Force F-16. And yes I was there shooting photos of course! Very cool!


In The Cockpit She Looked Better Than Me!

In The Cockpit She Looked Better Than Me!

I was just trying to convince Lisa Marino Sanders into letting me drive. But I remember her diplomatically saying that she probably would look better in the cockpit of the F-16 at Muscle Beach than I would. It was hard to argue with that so I just went back to taking the photographs.

Yes on Memorial Day weekend as part of our photo shoot we got Lisa up in that cockpit. And yes it is a real United States Air Force F-16 fighter jet. They brought it out just for us. Ok… well they brought it out for the big Memorial Day show at Muscle Beach/Venice. The place “Where Muscles Were Born”! Thanks!

And a big Thank You to Natalie Lyle for her great Makeup and Hair Styling all day!


A Real F-16 At Muscle Beach!

A Real F-16 At Muscle Beach!

I knew it was coming, but it was a secret, a big secret. A real F-16 jet fighter courtesy of the United States Air Force at Muscle Beach at Venice Beach for the big show tomorrow. Very Cool!


You Will Find Me At Muscle Beach!

You Will Find Me At Muscle Beach!

It is that time when you find me at Muscle Beach/Venice for the big Memorial Day Bodybuilding and Fitness Show. I will be headed out there tomorrow Sunday for photo shoots and photographing at the show and all around on Monday.

Here is one of my photos from in the pit during a show with Andy Haman wowing the girls on the boardwalk. It has not changed at Muscle Beach almost forever. It is the place “Where Muscles Were Born” and only gotten better and more fun! And I will tell you a secret… tomorrow the United States Air Force will be rolling in to set up a real F-16 Jet Fighter to show off right there at the show on Monday! How cool is that!