Photography by Ian L. Sitren


Off-Road Racer Christopher Polvoorde

Off-Road Racer Christopher Polvoorde Helicopter landing in Palm Springs.

Flying Over Snow In A Mustang

Riders in the Palm Springs Air Museum aircraft yesterday had a spectacular view of the snow covered Jan Jacinto Mountains. This is the P-51 Mustang “Bunny”.


“Bunny” the P-51 Mustang from the Palm Springs Air Museum going out on a ride flight. The last flight for today before bad weather coming in.

Fast Moving

Fast moving clouds ahead of a storm expected over the next few days. Time-lapse. Palm Springs California.

T-6 Texan

The T-6 Texan from the Palm Springs Air Museum taking off with a rider in the back seat getting a World War II flying experience.

Wind And Rain Next Few Days

Clouds over Palm Springs yesterday. Reminds me of an ocean in the sky. And I always really like the flash of color at sunset. The beginning of high winds and rain for the next few days. Time-lapse.

The Barron Hilton Stearman

A ride flight taking off in the Palm Springs Air Museum Stearman. This airplane was previously owned by Barron Hilton. Very fun, the rider sits in the front seat. Open cockpit flying is an experience!


A Sikorsky S-64E late afternoon today. I do not recall seeing one of these come in to Palm Springs. 4500hp! And no it did not come to the Palm Springs Air Museum. Maybe next time!


A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 departing Palm Springs. This has been a really busy airport lately.

World War II L-5’s

Two World War II Stinson L-5 Sentinel aircraft that visited the Palm Springs Air Museum over this past weekend.