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Behind The Scenes Amazon Fitness

Behind the scenes from our photo and video shoot yesterday, Sunday in Los Angeles. Video and comments by my assistant for the day, the very talented Shauna Toerner.

The incredible athlete, actress and standout personality, Kerstin Schulze. And Estee Lauder featured Makeup Artist Blanche LeBeau. At FD Studio, downtown Los Angeles.

The actual videos shot on Fujifilm X-Series cameras. Photographs shot on a Hasselblad digital camera system. Lighting with a Broncolor Move and Para 133. So much fun! Thank You All!



Sitting, standing, lying on the floor and posing, Noel VanBrocklin mesmerized both myself behind the camera and makeup and hair stylist Blanche LeBeau all day. Actress and model, Noel was amazing even when in a chair upside down. Wait until you see a photograph from that series!

Not any photo of any model makes it to my website. Noël VanBrocklin in this photograph does for sure! Much better seen on a full screen as big as your biggest screen. Bigger is better! Click here…

Noel VanBrocklin

Noel VanBrocklin, Makeup and Hair Styling by Blanche LeBeau. Lighting by Broncolor and digital camera system from Hasselblad. Nothing but the best!