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So Sexy!

A day shooting with Catherine Kwong for her portfolio took us to a number of wardrobe changes, all wonderful. I was and remain so consistently impressed with this woman, model and actress. And then she came out dressed in this and I just sighed. Oh my, so sexy, took my breath away. Maybe I shouldn’t say that, but I can, I am a professional!

The people I photograph take on a different look to me through the viewfinder. The camera changes things. And when it is so gorgeous or perfect, I have a tendency to let a little laugh. Models, who do not know me, are usually a little taken back, not sure what to make of it. They usually turn to Natalie Lyle my makeup artist, as Catherine did, and whisper “What does that mean?” ” Is that good?”. I sometimes don’t let on the I heard them, but Natalie just puts them at ease and says “That is really good”.

Catherine Kwong was amazing in this photo shoot and I am really disappointed in her for that. Because she made more work for me. I shot more photographs during our shoot than I have ever shot of any one person in a photo shoot ever before. Just last night she asked me, “Are you seeing images of me in your nightmares?”. Yes I do and I have no regrets!

Catherine Kwong

Photo shoot with Catherine Kwong in Palm Springs. Makeup and Hair Styling by Natalie Lyle. Lighting by Broncolor and a Hasselblad digital camera system. Only the best!


What an incredible model! Catherine Kwong is a real chameleon. She transformed from look to look, pose to pose, so incredibly easy. And ask any of the women I shoot with and they will tell you, I do like a tough strong woman look!
Makeup and Hair Styling by another of my tough strong women, Natalie Lyle. Lighting by Broncolor, Hasselblad digital camera system.
Catherine Kwong

Catherine Kwong poolside in Palm Springs

Rising Star!

I photographed Catherine Kwong on Saturday, posted her first photograph from our shoot on Monday across all of my social media, and the response to her has been wonderful! A professional model and actress who has had her successes, Catherine Kwong is taking it to another level. From fitness to fashion, from the small screen to the big screen, I so look forward to seeing her rising star!

Photo shoot notes… The superb makeup and hair styling by Natalie Lyle. Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Side note… the teak lounge from Gloster.

Catherine Kwong

Catherine Kwong poolside in Palm Springs

You Do Look Good!

She said… “Good golly Ian!  You make me look good!!!” Of course she does look good! Beautiful and gorgeous actually! Catherine Kwong in our photo shoot. Professional model and actress, you have seen her in ads for Nike and Adidas, on the screen in Grey’s Anatomy and The West Wing. From lifestyle to fashion to fitness, yes Catherine Kwong… You Do Look Good!

Photo shoot notes… Natalie Lyle for wonderful makeup and hair styling! Clyde Sawyer, my ever present do it all assistant. Hasselblad digital camera system. Broncolor lighting. Only the best!

Catherine Kwong