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Two Is Double Great And More!

So happy they came color coded so I could tell them apart when I just wasn’t sure with a quick glance! Andrea and Kerstin Schulze, identical twins from the start and in many ways all through life. Both wonderful people with superb attitudes based on friendship, caring and love and a hugely positive outlook on life.

Both beautiful women 6 ft tall, who have built a life of fitness and competition. Different in that Kerstin has sought her career in fitness competition and acting, which has now seen her in many roles and big time real commercials. Andrea just now winning her first fitness competition, however the “go to person” if you need a multi million dollar data center built! So if you had any stereotypical ideas of gorgeous tall beautiful fitness women in your head… that ends here!

From our recent photo shoot in Palm Springs… The double duty Makeup and Hair styling by premier Estee Lauder artist Blanche LeBeau. My Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Always the best! Thanks!

Kerstin & Andrea Poolside

BTS Like No Other

Behind the scenes in my photo shoot with Kerstin Schulze and Andrea Schulze in Palm Springs. They both live a lifestyle of health and fitness. Kerstin a long time fitness competitor and Andrea just walking away with her first competition trophies. Both 6ft tall and identical twins. Both gorgeous, fun, outgoing and both women to respect and admire in how they carry themselves in life. For now I will not tell you who is who, just for fun, because they are so very identical. I want to keep you guessing and intrigued lol!

The actual photos here on my Blog soon. The wonderful double duty Makeup styling by premier, world traveling, Estee Lauder artist Blanche LeBeau. The camera system up for this task is Hasselblad and the lighting by Broncolor. Nothing but the best! Thanks!



On The Green…

Behind the scenes yesterday here in Palm Springs with two amazing and beautiful and wonderful women of fitness, Kerstin Schulze and Andrea Schulze! Double duty makeup styling by the premier Estee Lauder artist Blanche LeBeau! Photos soon!

Safety Crew

So I came up with this new idea for staffing and uniforms for the Safety Crew at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Professional model Gabriella Muttone was kind enough to volunteer for a few photographs and show us what I had in mind. It is my understanding that the concept is under full consideration and everybody would like to see Gabriella return as soon as possible for further demonstrations.

Photo shoot notes… Hasselblad digital camera system and Broncolor lighting. Only the best. And speaking of the best, Gabriella is one extraordinary photographer herself. Check her out at

Gabriella Muttone at the Palm Springs Air Museum

You Do Look Good!

She said… “Good golly Ian!  You make me look good!!!” Of course she does look good! Beautiful and gorgeous actually! Catherine Kwong in our photo shoot. Professional model and actress, you have seen her in ads for Nike and Adidas, on the screen in Grey’s Anatomy and The West Wing. From lifestyle to fashion to fitness, yes Catherine Kwong… You Do Look Good!

Photo shoot notes… Natalie Lyle for wonderful makeup and hair styling! Clyde Sawyer, my ever present do it all assistant. Hasselblad digital camera system. Broncolor lighting. Only the best!

Catherine Kwong

Sexiest Summer FitBodies

Katie Madden featured as a Sexiest Summer FitBody for 2015 in the latest issue of Planet Muscle Magazine. And Katie is 56 years old! Is she just not too amazing for words! Good thing I shot the photographs. Makeup and Hair Styling by the ever wonderful Natalie Lyle. And yet another magazine feature photographed with my Hasselblad camera. Thanks!

Not So Secret Admirer

Shawn Towne had a secret admirer at the gym. A professional model working in fitness, fashion and lifestyle, you can readily see that no matter what she is wearing, she keeps herself more than in shape. So why not surround yourself with in shape people and have good friends from the gym be your friends outside the gym as well. It is motivating! Her friend here is Chaun Williams, model good looking himself. Not so secret!

The superb Makeup and Hair Styling by Christine Copeland. Wardrobe and posing coaching by my assistant for the day, Jennifer Chamberlin. Thank You!

Photo shoot with model Shawn Towne. Additional model Chaun T. Williams.

Photo shoot with model Shawn Towne. Additional model Chaun T. Williams.

Are You Ready?

Jake Sawyer in front of my camera. His job on this photo shoot was to show up in shape and looking good. He did that! My job was to turn the scenes I had in my mind into photographs. The tools for this job were very simple, a few rolls of film (yes film) and a camera. That worked! Are you ready to do your job in front of my camera? Send me an e-mail to and we can chat about it. Thanks!

Jake Sawyer

Photobomb Or Not?

Photobomb or not? Maybe she is just ignoring him. Above the bay in Marina Del Rey California for a photo shoot.


Cortney And You…

Cortney CortCity Solomon was so fun in front of my camera! And like Cortney you can be in front of my cameras too, whether in the gym for bodybuilding and fitness or edgy fashion lifestyle or other sports or concepts. It could be for yourself, magazine editorials or advertisements for your products or services. Just send me an e-mail to and and we can chat about it.

I want to say that I am very heartened by how many of you have contacted me over the last week about shooting. I have heard from people looking to build their own portfolios and promotion, companies looking to shoot their advertising and magazines looking for something different and unique. It shows that people are thinking ahead and optimistic about the New Year. Outstanding!

Cortney Solomon Cortney Solomon Cortney Solomon Cortney Solomon Cortney Solomon