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Beautiful Fit Action!

Stacey Naito one of the most extraordinary women I have ever had in front of my camera. She brought her authentic Japanese Katana to the photo shoot. The sharpness, quality, curved, powerful and distinctive beauty of the sword is readily matched by that of Stacey herself. Thank You to Blanche LeBeau for her art of makeup and hair styling.

Stacey Naito

Out Of Sin City

Not “Little Miho” in the dark alleyways of Sin City Old Town. Much more intriguing because she is real and in front of my camera, Stacey Naito.

Stacey Naito

Stacey Naito model. Makeup and hair styling by Blanche LeBeau. Photography by Ian L. Sitren.

Her Inner Warrior

Excitement, beauty and power. Description that fits my photo shoot with Stacey Naito. Always more on my Website at

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 7.04.41 AM

Stacey Naito featured on my website. Makeup and Hairstyling by Blanche LeBeau.


Her Sexy And Focused Dark Warrior!

Her Sexy And Focused Dark Warrior!

Her Dark Warrior, an alter ego which is really her true tenacity and focus and oh so very sexy. Stacey Naito from our photo shoot. Only better when you see this photograph, by clicking on it, full screen on my Website.

A big Thank You to Blanche LeBeau for the transforming Makeup and Hair Styling. And another big Thank You to my friend and photographer Jaime Klein for hosting us at his studio. And a huge Thank You to Stacey Naito for being so incredible in front of my cameras!


Her Dark Warrior!

Her Dark Warrior!

Her inner strength becomes her Dark Warrior! Stacey Naito, an Ifbb Pro, who has become well known and admired in our sport of bodybuilding and fitness, has always been a huge fan or photography and being a creative force in her own photographs. Not that long ago we channeled her strengths into a unique dark edgy look in our gym photo shoot. Now we have her inner Dark Warrior coming alive! I Love It!

Lots of Thank You’s here! Blanche LeBeau for her Makeup and Hair Styling and matching the ideas with the wardrobe. Jaime Klein, a wonderful photographer himself, for hosting us at his studio. My assistant Clyde Sawyer, for doing the lifting, carrying and driving, all more important than I can tell you. And Dan Cuny of Profoto USA for loaning me one of their new B1 wireless strobes. This was one B1 strobe, sunlight coming in from down a long hallway area, and some overhead “sulphur lights”. And of course the amazing Stacey Naito, who is eternally beautiful. always fun, and built herself one rocking body! Thank You All!